Worst Places For a Romantic Date in NYC

There are certain date ideas that may seem creative at first, but may cost you the chance for a second one. It may seem romantic to take the girl of your fancy to a handsome cab ride in Central Park, but you surely don’t want to take the risk of her fainting on shoulder.

Voila, here are some top DONT’s for date ideas you just want to avoid:

DON’T Take Her To a Free Comedy Show

Because: the free ones are also most likely to be the bad ones, and because we all tried that already and had enough of the experience.


Sarah Silverman – yes, free comedy show – no. by: zagat buzz  

DON’T Take Her Dumpster Diving

Need we say more? We know those NYU kids have some awesome stuff, but we really recommend on another activity for a first date.

dumpster diving

You wouldn’t believe the things you find in the trash! by: Wei Tchou

Free Whole Food Tasting – Not a Chewable Idea

It doesn’t sound bad, but the supreme combination of hunger and excessive chewing is most likely to end in frustration for both sides. Or in other words, where’s dinner?

whole food tasting

is that it? by: Serena Grace

Surprise Helicopter Ride – Not a Pleasant Surprise        

We are not ready yet for such an adventurous activity, maybe next time?

helicopter ride

by: Pete Markham




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