Worst Pizza in NYC

The Competition is fierce: What would you choose as the absolute worst pizza slice you had on NYC? It’s no shame, every one of us finds himself once a while in desperate need for a slice, it may be a late-night alcohol munch or just a strong hunger at an unusual hour… but nevertheless, each and every one of us cherishes at least one moment of pizza dining he’ll never forget, and for the wrong reasons.

So who will make the cut and star in the notorious list of NYC worst Pizza Slices?

The Late K! Pizzacone – a Corner Stone of Bad Pizza

Nobody wanted it, and then it died, basically. Well, somebody may have wanted to eat cone shaped pizza dough filled with mozzarella, spinach and bacon, but apparently, it wasn’t enough. And the memory of the glorious days of Pizzacone will never return. Or will they?

Late Pizzacone by Vini M

Hey what do you know this place… Who would have thought… by: Vinny M.

Pizza 8 – a bad Taste of China

This unique pizza combines the worst of all worlds: it merges together Cantonese style pork with awful mozzarella and extremely sweet Taiwanese sausage, and to top it off: a nice pile of fresh basil leafs, which are probably the best part of the dish. Though meant to please the palate of Taiwanese pizza lovers, this fresh but still awful pizza simply remain repulsive.

Star Pizza – Closed by The Health Commissioner Order

Star pizza I a good place for anyone wanting to try over-priced, poorly made, poorly kept pizza served by rude people, and if that’s what you’re in to, this is the place for you! Far worse than many 1 dollar pizzas, these cardboard like slices will surly make you go out and never return.

star pizza

This is all you need to know about how horrible this place is……. by: Bob R.

Famous Ray’s – a Place of Unknown Cheese Mysteries

From hundreds of Ray’s and Ray related and Roy’s pizza places in NYC,  this place surly takes the grail at being absolutely awful, with tons of gooey, polystyrene like bulks of cheese choking what may well be, a very decent pizza slice.

Famous rays
Say no more… Photo by: Village Voice


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