Weirdest Things to Do in New York City

Weird is actually a state of mind, wouldn’t you agree? You do. Good, we can move on then. A word which is tagged with anything out of the ordinary, “weird” simply defined is “something odd” or “not normal.” If you think of yourself as conventional, ordinary, or in other words, “unweird” than it’s about time to cut loose from your orthodox averageness. And here’s how you do it… in New York City.


weird nyc

by mollybob

  1. Fat Cat

Okay, so this first one ain’t weird, it’s just cool! Fat Cat is considered as a wonderfully unique institution in New York City and for good reason too. If it’s your first time here (and it probably is!) do not let the somewhat non-descript storefront fool you. Just go in, walk down the stairs and through the long hallway until you find yourself in a gaming heaven. Here you will find yourself surrounded by foosball, ping pong, pool tables and the works.

It also happens to be a bar with a great stock just in case you get thirsty after all that gaming. Fat Cat also features live music and is famous for its impressive lineup of acts ranging from R&B to old school jazz that take place every single night. Not a bad deal for a $3 cover charge eh!


  1. McKellen Me Softly

Ian Mckellen is renowned for his work as Gandalf (the one dude you can count on) in movies such as “Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” but the veteran actor is also master of the theatre. If you’re a fan of the great McKellen then you would want to visit this annual art show and fund raiser which will be paying homage to the great actor with dozens of artworks which have been inspired by his body of work. For more details, just go on to the Geeks Out website and find out more on the venue.


  1. Fischer Landau Center for Art

This modern art museum is actually a private collection of Ms. Fischer Landau who is considered as one of the most influential patrons of the arts in the city. Having an eye for art, she actually bought art work from many famous artists who weren’t famous at the time. Prepare to feast your eyes on And Warhol, Rothko and many other artists that are part of pop culture history.

Fischer Landau Center for Art nyc

by Andrew Russeth

  1. Sleep No More

If you find yourself tired of Broadway then you might be looking for a more interactive theater experience. Sleep No More takes you on an individual journey through one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays, Macbeth. But, this is no ordinary theatre, set in the McKittrick Hotel, which looks more like an asylum for lunatics, the audience is free to venture through the restored hotel / theater and experience the story of Macbeth as it unfolds. A word of caution though, Sleep No More is an adult-only production for its dark themes, so tagging your kids along will definitely not be a good idea.


  1. Accomplice Tour

Well this is a list of unusually activities to do in New York City, so the Accomplice Tour just has to be a part of it. This tour helps you explore the city in the most unconventional way possible. Prepare to be wowed as you make your way through the city and find hidden treasure, with your only weapons being the clues you are given along with the mysterious cast members you will meet throughout your search. If puzzles are your thing then Accomplice Tour is made for you.

By far, the best way of experiencing the weird in New York City is with the folks who live there, or at least have an anchor if you’re a tourist, which will make your time even more exciting and memorable.

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