Walking Tours in Queens

Touring Queens is relatively off-the-beaten-track option in New York City. It’s a great place to explore, but it’s not the first option for the entire tourist, and that’s good! Because this way there is more room for others to tour this fascinating and diverse borough. Weather you choose the historical, culinary, (yummy!) or the DIY option, you are headed for a treat, and the possibilities are as diverse as queens itself.


Credit: Chris Goldbrg/flickr

Walking Tours with Doctor Jack Eichenbaum

Jack Eichenbaum, PhD, is an Urban Geographer that is giving walking tours in queens and other NYC neighborhoods for years. The tours subject and places are ever updating, and always includes a well thought and knowledged info and explanations on the sites.

Upcoming Tours:

Flushing’s Chinatown – Wednesday, June 25 6-8 pm – Fee 15$

Three Chinatowns – Sunday, June 29 9:30 am (special treat – dim sum!)

This a whole day tour, combined with food and info about the Chinatown in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, the Chinatown in Flushing, Queens, and Manhattan’s Chinatown.  Fee 60$/65$ members/nonmembers

Crossing Newtown Creek: Contrasting Industrial Brooklyn & Queens – Sunday July 27 10am – Noon

See the intense industrial development in the area in the late nineteenth century, explore a variety of new restaurants, and explore the area of splendid shoreline of Gantry Park.

For more tour info, visit Jack Eichenbaum website.

Noshwalks – Culinary Walking Tours

What can be better than “noshing” your culinary way from Odessa to Bombay… without even leaving New York? Queens is packed with divers places to eat from numerous countries, cultures, and culinary traditions, and these culinary walking tours will give you a great starting point at the taste of queens.

For more info and detailed food tours schedule, visit Noshwalks.

Walking Tours with Queens Historical Society

Learn about historical landmarks of Downtown Flushing, and their connection with freedom, at the Flushing Freedom Mile Walking tour, (100$, 60 minutes) and learn about the related historical activities for freedom and education.

For more info visit the Queens historical society website.

Touring with Greater Astoria Historical Society

On Saturday, June 28, 12 pm you can join a walking tour to forgotten New York, Richmond Hill. On the tour you can view Victorian architecture, and other architectural landmarks such as the Triangle Hotel, and a pipe factory that became luxury housing.  Fee 15$/20$ members/nonmembers

For more info on the great Astoria historical society walking tours visit their website.

DIY Walking Tour

Oh yea! Feel like exploring queens on your own? Don’t hesitate and be your own tour guide, all you need is a map, a metro card, or an affordable car rental in Queens, that will be more practical, especially on the east part of queens, and you can be on your way. To get a starting point, read our guide to Queens Neighborhoods.

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