Veterans Day Parade in NYC

Veterans Day Parade is held in honor of those who fought for us for so many years, in many long and short, close and faraway wars, all made in the name of freedom, equality, and the first and foremost right for peace and prosperity, given by nature to every living being.

The USA had to face many hard wars, and there are many heroes walking around among us, some of them may be unknown, may not even seem at first sight as important, but each and every one of them has a story to tell, and that story lives on with them every day.  Veterans Day Parade is a chance to pay tribute to those heroes, known and less knows, hear their stories, share their experience, and honor them with respect.

Veterans Day Parade

By: hissingteakettle\Flickr

When is Veterans Day Parade?

Veterans Day Parade will take place, rain or shine, on November 11, 2014, starting 11:25 AM

The Parade will begin at 10:00 with a laying of wreath ceremony

Who will take part in Veterans Day Parade?

Active officers, veterans groups and families, Medal of Honor recipients, that will be accompanied by a variety of marchers, floats and marching bands, and high school bands from across the USA.

History of Veterans Day Parade

Held in New York City since 1929, and thousands of people are taking part in this festival every year; this parade had grown to be the largest in the nation. The event is produced by the United War Veterans Council (UWVC) and takes place in Manhattan borough of NYC.

What’s the route of Veterans Day Parade?

The Parade begins at Fifth Avenue at 23rd Street, and continuous along Fifth Avenue to 56th Street.

The parade opens with a ceremony starting at 10:00 AM, concluded by a wreath laying at 11:00 AM, followed by the Parade. Groups will be assembled at streets next to and north to Madison Square Park, and family member and supporters are recommended to gather around the Parade route.

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