Ugly Sweater Run NYC

The Ugly Sweater Run is not your typical marathon: the running track is about 3.1 miles long, the refreshments are hot cocoa, cider and beer, and the outfit is the ugliest Christmas sweaters you can imagine. Originated in New York City, the Ugly Sweater Run is now a national event held in different locations across the country. The Ugly Sweater Run NYC will kick off from Citi Field stadium in Queens on Saturday, December 20 at 11 AM. The proceeds of the event will be donated to the non-profit organization Save the Children, which helps underprivileged kids worldwide.

ugly Christmas sweater


So, if you want to burn some calories in between the holidays’ feasts while airing your most disastrous winter wardrobe and donating money for a good cause, you should definitely join the Ugly Sweater Run. Entry fees are $55 for solo participants or $50 for participants in a team of four runners or more ($60 and $55 for last minute registration), and it includes a vintage knit hat, a drawstring bag, an unlimited supply of hot chocolate, and one beer or alcoholic cider (only for adults; ID is required).

What’s the Story of the Ugly Christmas Sweaters?

The Ugly Sweater Run is not the only event that celebrates the tacky, colorful, Christmas themed garments. Ugly sweater is a popular Christmas party theme, and there are books and websites dedicated to the questionable fashion item.

Originally, Christmas sweaters were not seen as ugly. They were warm and festive, ornamented with various holiday symbols. But as the ironic self-aware ugly sweater trend emerged in the beginning of the 2000s, Christmas sweaters became exaggeratedly ugly, and the demand for vintage sweaters or intentionally ridiculous Christmas sweaters rose significantly.

If you were invited to an ugly sweater Christmas party or you plan to run at the Ugly Sweater Run, you should start raiding on your favorite NYC vintage shops or online stores, or they will run out and you will be forced to wear nice, tasteful outfits for Christmas.

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