Things to Do in Central Park

You don’t need an excuse to check out the essentials of Central Park, so don’t wait until you’ll have visitors to get you out there! There is plenty to do at the park all year long, and that’s the time to discover that!

Central Park Pond

Central Park pond /credit

1. Have a Romantic Boat Paddle

Rock the boat at the lake, if you’re willing for some wholesome leg work, (1 hour at 12$, and each additional 15 minutes at 2.50$, plus a 20$ deposit.) Or, if you’re in the mood of letting someone else do all the work, you can order a Venetian gondola ride, at 30$ for half an hour.  And if you have the munch try dining at the fine yet a tad pricy Central Park Boathouse Restaurant.  And have a big salad, crab cake or a masscarpone cheesecake while studying the serene greenish pond and other sweating paddlers.

2. Visit the Conservatory Garden

One of the hidden wonders of Central Park, a secluded patch of land, just steps away from the Fifth Avenue and 105th St. This six-acre garden will give you a sweet-scented hiatus from the business, clatter and gasp of the urban daily afternoon. Definite must visit for gentle souls and literary types.



3. Horse Around at the Central Park Zoo

It’s not just for kids; the Zoo will give a great experience to animal lovers at all ages. Explore the wonderful world of the monkeys, sea lions, seals, leopards, and many more wild inhabitants.

4. Ride the Carousel

Enjoy the nostalgic charm of the retro Friedsam Memorial Carousel, an enchanting, lovely and romantic location, kept almost exactly as it was back in the 1950’s. The original carousel was built in 1870, and over gone a series of striking events, including 2 complete burn downs in 1924 and 1950. The current carousel was built 1908, and transported to Central Park from Cony Island in 1940. 

5. Visit the Belvedere Castle

Imagine just for a while that you are on the set of Game of Thrones, but the air is lovely and nobody is trying to snitch the crown out of your hands, and enjoy the views of Delacorte Theater, the greenish Turtle Pond, and the lovely walk to the castle’s balconies.  Inside you will find the microscopes, telescopes, skeletons and papier mache mock up birds of the Henry Luce Nature Observatory.


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