The Scariest Subway Stations in NYC

New York City subway stations are generally reliable, functional places. True, they’re hot, crowded, smelly and filthy, but as urban dwellers we tend to accept that as being a part of living in the City.

But unfortunately, some subway stations have, as it seems, gone away and beyond to the extreme side of darkness. These subway stations are reeking of piss and vomit, some are swarming with rats, some are a mugger’s field day, and some just seem as if they have suffered severe damage and never got repaired;  To be short, not a place that you want to be in at a dark evening, and not even on a sunny afternoon.

So if you are wearied about your well being, you should probably try and avoid these scary subway stations:

The Stinky Station – Canal Street on The Z and J lines

There is no way to describe the unique cocktail that creeps and envelopes the inner space of  the Canal Street station, it hits you in the face and leaves you begging for your life. And let’s just say that the aroma of aged rat poison is definitely the positive part of this scent cocktail.

Anyone up for a cleaning spree?

The Falling Apart War-Zone style Station – Chamber Street on The J Line

You can tell everything about this place just by looking at the sign in the entrance. Non-New Yorkers may find this sign offensive enough to give up this whole station visit. But true Gothamists will not let the decaying station scare them, well, maybe just a bit.

Chamber Street - orriginal size

Chamber Street by: trbuh

The Tunnel of Doom – 191th Street on The 1 Line

This is by all means the far worst subway station in NYC, in order to enter it, passengers must go through a narrow and dark concrete tunnel, about a quarter mile long. It’s dirty, full of rats and scary as hell.

here you can listen to 30 seconds of walking through the tunnel of doom, as recorded by Mapping Decay.



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