Sports Car Rental in NYC

Prestige Car Rental provides elegant and powerful sports cars for rent in New York and the nearby area. Our sports car rentals come with superior handling, intense horsepower and flashy exteriors, and we offer affordable rates and a superb customer’s service.

Prestige NYC Sports Car Rentals

Car Rental
Number of passengers: 4
Luggage capacity: 3
Doors: 2
Transmission: Automatic
Stereo: AM / FM / CD Player
Air-Condition: Yes
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Sports Car Rentals Features

Prestige’s sports car rentals are equipped with the newest and most innovative technology including:

  •     Large, powerful engine and powertrain
  •     Fast acceleration
  •     Streamlined and bold design
  •     Exceptional handling, steering and maneuverability

Why Rent a Sports Car in NY?

Sports car rentals allow you to feel the adrenaline rush that cannot be experienced by driving a typical car, even on a limited budget.  We offer high-end, convertible sport car rentals at either of our NYC, Manhattan and Queens locations.

Whether you are a New York City tourist who owns a sports car back home or a local resident who wants to drive a flashy sports car in the streets of Manhattan, Prestige is the right rental company for you. As an independent company, we are able to offer discounts even on our luxury and sport car rentals, as well as personal customers’ service and other unique perks including special conditions for young drivers.

If you want to rent a sports car in NYC, contact us or visit our Manhattan and Queens locations to take a look at our selection of sports cars and pick up a sport car rental on the spot.

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