Land Rover Rental in NYC

If you want to rent a luxury car that provides a thrilling driving experience, then a Land Rover is the car rental for you. Prestige Car Rental offers several luxurious and quality Land Rover and Range Rover rentals at affordable rates.

Rover Rental
Number of passengers: 7
Luggage capacity: 4
Doors: 4
Transmission: Automatic
Stereo: CD / DVD / Video
Air-Condition: Dual A/C
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Driving a Land Rover is a unique experience that combines style and superior performance. Luckily, you don’t have to buy a Land Rover to experience this sensation, as you can take advantage of Prestige Car Rental discount prices and rent a Land Rover in NYC and the area even on a limited budget.

Land Rover & Range Rover – Elite Sophistication

The Land Rovers and Range Rovers combine the perfect blend of space and comfort with a powerful engine, providing a spacious and comfortable travel as well as a great driving experience. Prestige’s Land Rover rentals are equipped with the newest and most innovative features in the automotive industry.

Prestige Car Rental is known for its excellent customer service. We aim to provide personal assistance throughout each step of your car rental, So you can rent a Land Rover or any other car rental of your choice and enjoy a relaxed, hassle-free vacation or business trip.

If you want to rent a Land Rover in NYC or if you have question about the car rental procedure, simply contact us and we will be happy to serve you and answer any question. Our Land Rover rental services are available at the following locations:

Manhattan (Upper Westside): 212-957-1525

NYC (Midtown Manhattan): 212-679-4747

Queens location: 718-335-0209

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