Policies & Rates

The following policies and frequently asked questions were put together to help you understand and prepare for renting a car in NY at Prestige. If you have any other question, please contact us and our friendly and professional service would help you.

Rent a Car with a Debit Card

A customer who wants to use a debit card for the rental will need to provide the following:

  • Two current utility bills with the name of the renter
  • $1,000 Security Deposit + the cost of the rental

Driver’s License Restriction

If your license address contains a PO Box, you must include a recent utility bill with your home address.

If you hold an out-of-state license, you must provide contact information and you can only pay using a credit card.

Holding Vehicles

Prestige Car Rental will hold a confirmed vehicle for a period of half an hour after the scheduled pick up time. In the event of a delay past half an hour, please contact our Manhattan car rental or Queens offices:

33rd Street, Manhattan, NYC: 212-679-4747

62nd Street, Manhattan, NYC: 212-957-1525

72-12 Queens Blvd, Woodside, NY: 718-335-0209

Driving Area Restrictions

Our driving area policies restrict usage of our rented vehicles to the following states: NY, NJ and CT. Driving outside these states require a written approval from the car rental branch manager.

Insurance Policies and Surcharge

The following amendments to the law apply:

*In accordance with the provisions of the state, car rental companies may hold authorized car rental drivers liable for the actual damage to, or loss of, a rental vehicle, up to the full value of the vehicle.

*Car rental companies will be permitted by the NY state law to offer a daily fee OPTIONAL Collision Damage Waiver (known as LDW) vehicle protection.

*NOTE: We value our international guests; please provide a proof for your credit card international rental car insurance. We encourage you to contact your credit card provider directly. Additionally, as many of these cards do not carry adequate coverage, purchasing a LDW (see above) is highly suggested.

For more Q&A about car rental insurance, please see below.

Gas & Refueling

Prestige offers the cheapest car rental in NYC. Therefore, our rates do not include the gasoline. In order to continue providing affordable car rental rates, we ask our customers to refill prior to their return. Refueling cost charges will be applied.

Age Requirements

Minimum Age: 18

Prestige has a flexible young driver policy and the minimum age required for renting a car is 18. Drivers between the ages 18 and 25 are required to pay a surcharge for renting a car, according to the following table:

Age 18 to 20 – Surcharge applies $70 a day

Age 21 to 23 – Surcharge applies $30 a day

Age 24 to 25 – Surcharge applies $20 a day

Additional Drivers

When renting a car with Prestige, two additional drivers are permitted at additional charge.

Additional Driver Charge: $4.00 applies per day (per driver)

Minimum Age for Additional Drivers: 18

Additional drivers under the age of 25 are subjected to Underage fee charges.

Deposit Requirements

Cash deposits are not accepted.

Prestige Car Rental accepts the following rental deposits:

Debit Card, Company Account, VISA, Master Card, AMEX, Discover

Payment Methods

Prestige Car Rental accepts the following methods of payment:

Debit Card, VISA, Master Card, AMEX, Discover

Insurance Policies and Surcharges

Navigation System with touch Screen that covers North America and Canada.

9.99$ per day

49.99$ per 5 days

39.99$ per 4 days

29.99$ per 3 days

19.99$ per 2 days

279.95$ per month

69.95$ per week

PDW – Car Rentals

10.95$ per day

45.00$ per 5 days

43.80$ per 4 days

32.85$ per 3 days

21.99$ per 2 days

250.60$ per month

62.00$ per week

$10.95$ per day surcharge for Collision Damage Waiver for Cars

PDW – Minivan, SUV, Van & Sport Car Rentals

19.95$ per day

99.95$ per 5 days

79.80$ per 4 days

59.95$ per 3 days

39.90$ per 2 days

446.60$ per month

119.95$ per week

$19.95$ per day surcharge for Collision Damage Waiver

Additional Driver

4.00$ per day

24.00$ per 5 days

16.00$ per 4 days

12.00$ per 3 days

8.00$ per 2 days

99.00$ per month

28.00$ per week

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