NYC vs. San Francisco

Most cities in the US look pretty much the same. They are environments spiraling outward from a central hub. But, it’s only when you move closer that you realize the real reasons which sets them apart. Case in point, is the difference between cities such as, San Francisco and New York City. Keeping that in mind, the following are some of the main differences between the Big Apple and Wine Country when it comes to the western style of living.

San Francisco

credit: Jeff Gunn

 Career Wise

Even though the folks in New York work and work hard, they don’t live and breathe their jobs the way residents of San Francisco do. For instance, in New York City, being a designer is just that – a job, while they pursue other interests in their free time, like playing at gigs or picking on other interests.

San Francisco muni

credit: torbakhopper

 The Daily Commute

When it comes to the daily commute, New York City wins hands down. In fact, one of the best parts of living in New York is that the subway can get you anywhere you need to go. And even with having to take a few transfers along the way, the trains are a lot more reliable and quite frequent. Apart from that, New York City is also famous for its taxis, which are prolific and affordable. So, there’s no need to hook up on Uber if you don’t want to. While in San Francisco, you will be confined to using the Muni transit.


When it comes to livability, it’s easier to get accommodations in New York, whether you want to share with a roommate or not. And just like San Francisco, renters get the most bang for their buck the further they go from the main hub. That being said, San Francisco offers a wider range of activities such as surfing and mountain biking, while there’s always a concert or some event going on in New York City. Apartments in New York City are far smaller when compared to San Francisco.


If you like diversity where you live, then no city beats New York. And while every city in the US has its issues, like the stop and frisk that goes on in NYC, at least, the city is free from the class tension which still prevails in San Francisco. Being a socio-economic melting pot of the US, you can easily find neighborhoods which reflect the charming characteristics of its residents, most of whom have emigrated from other countries. If you’re a foodie, San Francisco offers the best and most affordable options. At the end of the day, while San Francisco does have its events such as SF Pride and Bay to Breakers, New York just has a lot more to offer.


Surprisingly, this one goes to San Francisco. While the nightlife in New York City involves visiting clubs and other trendy bars at the Meatpacking District, the bars in San Francisco are far trendier and fall in the category of a dive bar/dance club.

Where safety is concerned, while the statistics suggest that San Francisco and New York have about the same crime rate, there are more incidents of purse snatching and muggings in New York City.

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