NYC Student Guide

NYU is one of the and most prestigious universities in the world, and considered to give an immediate stamp of quality and esteem to its graduates, this article gives a close look at the life in NYU as a student, to assist you when considering studying in NYU.


NYU is a large school, it’s the largest university in New York state, and occupies more than 50,000 pupils spread around over 100 hundred buildings. The size and abundance may be overwhelming, but on the other hand, this also one of the great aspects of NYU, you’ll never miss interesting and exciting new people to meet, and activities to participate in.

Pro – Large, stimulating exciting and diverse

Con – May be intimidating for new students

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NYU is located in the heart of Greenwich Village, and is completely embedded at its surrounding streets. Students may explore the streets attractions while moving from class to class, and maintain the sense of urban and youthful lifestyle. On the other hand, leaving in NYU surrounding can be pricey and climb up to 4000$ a month, so you might want to settle for leaving off campus, in East Village, Alphabet City, or Lower East Side.

Pro – Constantly enjoying all the benefits of Greenwich Village and lower Manhattan

Con – Rent can get pricey, so you may have to live off campus


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Social Community

Social life is a key element in the student life, and some of the most significant landmarks of your school years may occur in the local bar rather than in the class room… The social scene in NYU is full of life and packed with energies, and students go out in weekends to bar-hop all around the campus area, as well as Lower East Side and the Meatpacking District. The extreme popularity of the area may also be a sore spot, since some of the bars are packed and have a closed door policy.

Pro – Enjoy exuberant night life

Cons – You may need to search a bit before you’ll find your favorite places

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NYU occupies 50,917 students

It has a student teacher ratio of 11:1 (Not bad!)

The academic fee for a year is 45,000$

Admission is very selective, according to The Princeton Review, the average scores for new freshman is 1306 SAT, and GPA is 3.60

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