The ‘Do Not Miss Guide’ for the New York Tourist

If it is your first visit to New York City, and especially if it is a short visit, follow our guide to learn about the top ten must-see attractions of the Big Apple.

Our first recommendation is to purchase the City Pass, which gives you a significant discount on admissions to some of the main attractions and museums.

1. The Empire State Building, the world’s most famous skyscraper, is located at 350 5th Ave., offering an amazing observation on Manhattan’s skyline and an unusual photo-op.

Statue Of Liberty

2. The Statue of Liberty is also a famous iconic symbol of NYC. The national monument is located at the Liberty Island on NY Harbor and you can arrive there by ferry from Battery Park in Downtown Manhattan. It is recommended to visit the crown of the Statue of Liberty, about 305 feet from the ground.

3. Times Square, on the intersection of seventh Ave and Broadway, is the busiest square in NYC and a symbol of its 24/7 lively activity. Times Squares is filled with electronic billboards, theaters, cinemas and shops. The famous Broadway theaters are located there, as well as MTV’s studios and Hard Rock Café.

central park NYC

4. Central Park is the green lung of Manhattan, stretches from North 110th Street to 59th Street, and from Eighth Ave to Fifth Ave. The 2.5-miles-long and 0.5-miles-wide public park offers visitors lawns, lakes, botanical gardens, wood bridges, walking and biking trails, a small zoo, sports fields and a public theatre. The Central Park is a popular destination for picnics, sports and recreational activities, especially on weekends.

5. The Met – The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the best art museums in the world, exhibiting over 3 million items from of classic and modern art, mostly famous for its Ancient Egyptian department. The museum is located at the Western side of Central Park, at 82th street and fifth Ave, and it is recommended to dedicate a whole day for this visit.

6. American Museum of Natural History– one of the most important museums in the US, mostly famous for its large collection of dinosaur skeletons and dioramas of animal taxidermy in their natural habitat. The museum also has a planetarium, which displays a simulation of the big bang. The museum is located on the west side of the Central Park, almost facing the Metropolitan.

7. MoMA, an acronym of the Museum of Modern Art, the museum is an essential stop for cultural NYC tourists. Located on 11 West 53 St., the museum permanent collection includes works by Jackson Pollock, Van Gogh and Picasso as well as impressive design and architecture items and a huge photography collection. Note that the admission to the museum is free on Fridays between 4 and 8 p.m.

The Grand Central Station

8. Grand Central Station – a train station and an important historical and architectural site in Midtown Manhattan, mostly famous for its painted celling. Located in the intersection of 42 Street and Park Avenue, the train station was founded in 1913 and was renovated in the 1990s now including many restaurants and shops.

9. Ground Zero – the national memorial site of the September 11 attacks, located on the ground floor of the ruined World Trade Center, on Vesey-Liberty-Church-West in Downtown Manhattan. It is currently the construction site of the One World Trade Center but it surrounded by some interesting memorial sites.

10. Brooklyn Bridge – another iconic NYC symbol, the hanging bridge above the East River, which connects lower Manhattan and Brooklyn, is a common walking destination for tourists and locals, providing an amazing observation point on NYC skyline.

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