NYC Christmas Shopping Tips

New York City is a favorite shopping destination all year long. During the holiday season, the shopping craze is taken to a completely different level, with masses of New Yorkers and tourists storm the stores and the shopping malls in search of great findings in the lowest possible prices.

christmas shopping nyc

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New York City Christmas sales season is divided into three parts:

Black Friday, the first major sales event on the day after Thanksgiving (November 28), is known as the busiest and most crowded shopping day of the year, and the major stores entries become a camping site the night before. Note that the deals usually continue the following week.

Boxing Day, the traditional post-Christmas sales day on December 26, where many stores offer 50%, 60%, 70% and even 80% discounts.

New Year Shopping Sale, the final stage of the Christmas shopping season, opening on January 2nd.

christmas sales
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Christmas Shopping Do’s and Don’ts

– Plan ahead. Save time by planning your shopping trip ahead and save money by checking online the deal’s detail and even printing coupons.

– Prepare yourself for long walks and even longer waiting. So, wear comfortable shoes and layering clothes to fit both indoor and outdoor weather, take a book, a tablet or a friend to keep you entertained while waiting, and lots of patience.

– Set up your priorities. Not all discounts created equal, and you don’t want to wait in line for hours for a $15 discount on a jacket. So, focus on the biggest discounts on the most expensive items.

– Don’t skip the small print. Look for deal terms, return policies and the small details that stand between a crazy deal and a waste of time.

– Don’t shop on rush hour. Weekends and evenings are usually the busiest shopping hours, and many stores offer special deals early risers and night owls.

– Shopping outside the city. Many visitors have learned that the best way to shop in NYC is outside NYC. Some of the biggest outlets with the lowest prices are located in New Jersey, about an hour drive from NYC.

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– Shop online. Who says you have to shop in brick and mortar stores to enjoy Christmas sales? You can find great deals on many online stores and avoid the crowds, the cold and endless queues.

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