NYC Airports

NYC has three major airports: JFK, LaGuardia and Newark. JFK and LaGuardia airports are both located in Queens, New York. Newark is technically located in New Jersey, about 16 miles southwest to Manhattan, but it is still a popular stop for NYC visitors and most cheap flights to NYC land there.

John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK)

JFK airport is the newest, busiest and most important airport in NYC and one of the busiest in the US, serving about 7,000 domestic and international passengers every day. JFK is located in Jamaica Bay, Queens, about 15 miles from midtown Manhattan.

JFK airport NYC

credit: Seamus Murray/Flickr

The airport has 4 runways and 9 terminals, connected by a free inner train service called AirTrain, which also delivers passengers directly to NYC subway and Long Island train stations. Using the AirTrain is the cheapest way to arrive from the JFK airport to Manhattan, but it can be inconvenience if you are carrying heavy luggage.

Other transportation options from the JFK airport to the city include buses, taxis (flat fare, depending on the destination), car or private shuttle service and car rental. Renting a car from the airport is generally expensive and not recommended if you are a frugal traveler. If you are looking for cheap car rental in New York near the airport, visit Prestige Car Rental in Queens.

LaGuardia Airport (LGA)

Smaller than JFK, LaGuardia is still a busy airport, serving more than 20 million passengers a year. The airport is located on Flushing Bay and Bowery Bay in Queens and it is the closest to Manhattan – about 8 miles from midtown.

LaGuardia Airport has 2 runways and 4 terminals. Most of the flights from and to the airport are domestic, from the US and Canada, or international, from destinations such as Bermuda, Aruba and the Bahamas.

The cheapest way to arrive from LaGuardia to the city is by the M60 bus. Other transportation options included metered taxis, car services, shuttles and rental cars.

Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR)

Although located in the neighboring New Jersey, Newark Airport is packed with NYC tourists. The airport is located only 16 miles from Manhattan.

Newark airport

Credit: Nelson Pavlosky/Flickr

The cheapest and even fastest way to get from Newark to Manhattan is through the AirTrain services, which connects passengers between the 3 terminals and out of the airport to the NJ transit and Amtrak trains. Note that the service is not available between 2 and 5 AM. You can also use taxi, car or shuttle services, but bear in mind that the fares will be higher due to the distance between New Jersey and New York. On the other hand, flights from and to Newark are usually cheaper, so do the math…

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