New York Fashion Week Conclusion

The fashion industry is constantly embedding and spreading looks and concepts from street fashion, while street fashion take inspiration from hot couture fashion in return. Today, with the overwhelmingly fast spreading of looks and ideas, that occur via Instagram and other social media, looks and images can be spread around virally extraordinarily fast, making the give-and-take game of “high fashion” and “Street Fashion” ever more so exciting.

We took a tour across New York Fashion Week streets, and picked for you some of the more striking images.

And as usual, some of the best looks are found not on the catwalk, but on the street.

Fashion Week

credit: Mainstream\Flickr

new york fashion week

credit: Mainstream\Flickr

pink lady

credit: Victoria Pickering\Flickr

fahion week prep

credit: Mainstream\Flickr


credit: Mainstream\Flickr

street fashion

credit: Victoria Pickering/Flickr 

New York Fashion

credit: Victoria Pickering\Flickr

New York Fashion Week Street

credit: Victoria Pickering\Flickr

fashion week trends

credit: Mainstream\Flickr










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