Kosher for Passover in NYC 2014

Passover is an extremely important holiday in Jewish tradition, if not the most important. Many special customs are related to this time of year, and while most of them are concerned with what NOT to eat, there is a lot of room for creativity within the boundaries of tradition.

Passover is a great time to go out with family and friends, and enjoy this special togetherness of the holiday season. And while Passover is all about family, it is also all about food. And traditional Jewish food can be not only tasty, but as you will soon find out, can also be chic.

Surprised? So were we, but the kosher traditional Jewish food trend is a new trend, and, since it depends itself on years of culinary tradition, combined with the final touch of up-to-date fine cuisine, we are betting that this trend is here to stay. What do you think?

And to help you decide where to dine your kosher meals out during Passover, we compiled the complete list of open for Passover kosher restaurants in NYC, plus some special recommendations for a truly classy Passover night out.

Kosher for Passover in New York City:

  • Abigael’s – 1407 Broadway
  • Mendy’s – 61 E 34th Street
  • Talia’s Steakhouse – 688 Amsterdam Avenue
  • Eighteen Restaurant – 240 East 81st Street
  • Mr. Broadway – 1372 Broadway
  • My Most Favorite Food – 247 West 72nd Street
  • Le Marais – 150 W. 46th Street
  • Taam Tov – 41 West 47th Street
  • Prime Grill – 25 West 56th Street
  • Hummus Kitchen – 416 Amsterdam Ave. (For kitniyot eaters)
  • Hummus Kitchen – 444 3rd Ave. (For kitniyot eaters)
  • Hummus Kitchen – 768 9th Ave. (For kitniyot eaters)
  • Hummus Kitchen – 1613 2nd Ave. (For kitniyot eaters)

Kosher for Passover in Brooklyn:

  • Blueberry Cafe – 1618 Ave M
  • Crawford’s Cafe – 1944 Coney Island Ave
Kosher for Passover delights

Passover Seder by: Adam Baker

Special Passover in NYC

And to top it off, here are cherry picked recommendations for a truly chic and up-to-date progressive Passover. Notice that these recommendations are not necessarily kosher for Passover in their complete menu, but rather offer a modern take on Pesach cuisine.

JoeDoe – The traditional “Progressive Passover”

Featuring homemade “Elijah’s punch”, Seder Sampler with maror (bitter herbs), charoset (a paste of apples, nuts, dates and wine), and Joe’s Jewish wedding soup with matzoh balls and chicken meatballs, and even a Passover playlist for a festive atmosphere.

Balaboosta –  Italian influenced Passover menu

Chef Einat Admony is one of the more impressive chefs in NYC, and offers an Israeli and Italian influenced Passover spread: a family-style menu inspired by Passover, that begins with a Passover cocktail, a blend of pomegranate, cardamom, rose, and sparkling wine, than followed by a roasted beet and walnut charoset.  The prime star is the “gefilte wannabe,” fish cakes in a spicy Moroccan sauce.  And instead of the traditional Matzoh ball soup, there’s a Gondi soup with chickpea and chicken meatballs.

Kosher for Passover Gefilte

Passover Seder Gefilte Fish – By Edsel Litlle

Dassara – Traditional Seder dishes menu with a Japanese spin

This great Brooklyn based ramen place will give you a great sensation of the holiday with its Japanese style menu. They offer the inevitable matzoh ball soup with ramen and smoked meat twist, potato okonomiyaki instead of the traditional potato pancakes, and more mouth drooling yet modern Passover delights.

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