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Hire a car in Prestige Car Rental and enjoy a smooth ride in the streets of NYC. Whenever you want to hire a car in NYC, Prestige will offer you the lowest rates in Manhattan and a friendly service.
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Where to Hire a Car in NYC?

If you want to hire a car in NYC and the surrounding areas, you’ve come to the right place. Prestige offers car rental services for New York City locals and visitors at affordable rates on flexible conditions. Whether you are traveling to New York for a vacation or a business trip, or you’re living in New York and need to hire a car, call us today and enjoy our special discounts and benefits.

Check out our coupons and a hire a car in the cheapest prices in NYC!

Hire a Car or Own a Car in NY?

New York City has the lowest car ownership rates in the US, and many New Yorkers prefer to avoid the cost and parking issues and use the public transportation system and hire a car when needed. Car rental services provide the freedom and convenience of driving a car in New York and its surroundings, without the drawbacks of car ownership. When New Yorkers hire a car, they usually look for cheap prices and convenient locations. At Prestige, we offer the lowest prices and we are conveniently spread in Midtown Manhattan, Upper Westside and in Queens.

Why Hire a Car in Prestige?

Whether you need to hire a car for a one-time occasion (an outdoors vacation, a trip to the airport, moving or delivery of heavy-weight items, etc.) or for your everyday commute, contact us at either of our New York City, Manhattan or Queens locations and choose a car to hire.

Prestige offers rental cars in a variety of sizes and budgets: from economy cars at the cheapest rates in NYC, to luxury cars, sport cars and convertibles. You can hire a van, a minivan or a cargo van for a family or group trip and moving tasks, and hire a SUV for an outdoor adventure.

Can you Hire a Car under 18?

By hiring a car at Prestige Car Rental, you are granted the best rates in New York, a friendly and efficient service and additional benefits. If you are 18 and you want to hire a car, with Prestige you can hire a car, a van or a SUV with an additional fee.

Call us at 212-957-1525 (Westside Manhattan) 212-679-4747 (Midtown Manhattan) or 718-335-0209 (Queens) and hire a car today!

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