Halloween Costume Stores in NYC

New York City is getting ready for one of its favorite holidays, Halloween. The traditional Village Halloween Parade usually draws more than 50,000 creatively dressed up marchers and spectators, and you don’t want to be caught with a proper wig for your dog. So, if you haven’t find a spooky, sexy or surprising costume for the Halloween parties and parades, here’s a roundup of the best costume and accessories shops in New York City. Some of the stores get stock up especially for Halloween but others open all year round, supplying New Yorkers interest in vintage clothes and special effects.

Halloween parade NYC

image: InSapphoWeTrust


New York Costumes/Halloween Adventure           

The two-floor East Village costume store has a great assortment of Halloween costumes for all ages (including a large department for pets’ costumes) and every imaginable accessories: from hats, masks, wigs and fake moustaches to medieval weapons and cut off body parts. The store also sells all party supplies and decorations and rents special costumes of fantasy characters, superheroes and historic figures.

104 4th Ave and 808 Broadway

East Village, New York City


Abracadabra New York

This costume super-store in the heart of Chelsea includes ten thousands of different costumes for sale and for rental. Abracadabra has a large selection of vintage dresses and costumes, so whether you want to dress up as Daisy Buchanan, a 70s disco dancer or an old timey baseball player, you will find what you are looking for. There is also a great selection of props and accessories including gruesome body parts in several stages of decomposing.

19 West 21st Street

Chelsea, New York


Halloween Superstore

The beauty salon slash costume superstore is not your average Halloween costume stores. It specializes in large variety of wigs, makeup kits and hair products including the large spectrum of facial hair design. Halloween Superstore products are available in several locations in New York and the prices are so cheap that you can stock up for a week worth of Halloween parties. There’s also a large selection of super cute and original baby costumes and plus size versions of classic women costumes such as Princess Leia and Wonder Woman.


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