Frequent Renter Program

Do you rent a car in New York City regularly? Prestige Car Rental Frequent Renter Program lets you save money on your next rental. Join our frequent renter program and rent a car for FREE on your fifth rental!


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Prestige Car Rental Frequent Renter Program FAQ


How can I join Prestige Car Rental frequent renter program?

To join our frequent renter program, all you have to do is rent a car four times, on separate occasions. After your fourth rental, you will be entitled to rent a car for free. To receive your frequent renter reward, simply contact us and book a car on any midweek date of your choice.

If I rented a car from different locations, can I still receive the frequent renters’ reward?

Yes. You can rent a car from any of Prestige locations in New York City to collect your frequent renter’s points.

Are there any other benefits for Prestige’s frequent renters?

Of course! We often offer special discounts to our loyal customers. Contact us for more details.

Are there any limitations?

There are some: the fifth free rental is available only on weekdays, and only if there are available cars. Contact us or reserve a car online to ensure there’s an available car on your preferred date.


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