Easter Parade – Inside Look

Easter Parade in New York is all about hats. Every year the participants of the parade are pushing their creative stamina to limit, and their neck weight carrying abilities to the max, quite literally!

Every year the good people of NYC take their fashionable and creative side to its most extreme; and in the spirit of the holiday, (plus some make-up and colorful lace) let their spirit go wild.

We bring you an Inner look at some of the most intriguing and fascinating photos from the parade, Decorating the streets of New York with color and fun, all dangling from really, really, big hats.


Easter Parade NYC

Easter Parade – By nuno luz

Easter Parade 2014

Easter Parade – Colored Bead Hat – By D_M_D

Easter Parade NYC

Easter Parade -By Guru Sno Studios

Easter Parade in white

In white -By Jenny Poole

Sings of spring - Easter Parade 2014

Sings of spring -by Katy Gartside Photography

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