Dirtiest Public Bathrooms in NYC

Only brave men would venture and explore the final frontier of all: mapping and documenting the absolute worst public bathrooms in NYC. And for all of us left behind, we can only thank the ones that has gone where so many people has gone before. They did it, in order we don’t have to.

These gruesome places were mapped and documented: to behold and beware.

Welcome to the Johnson’s

This lower East Side bar may as well be called “welcome to the john”. You can’t miss its decorative bathroom walls, which by the way don’t have a lock on its door.

Welcome to the Johnsons

by: Nick M.

Bushwick Country Club

This bathroom gives you a chance to get to know your fellow bar dwellers on a more intimate level:

The sink and toilet here are set right next to each other, for your convenience.

Bushwick Country Club

by: Dive Art

Mars Bar Bathroom

Apparently, the mars bar bathroom were that bad, that this dingy, punk, hell-hollish place has closed. But we still have the memories… as a clever yelper wrote: I pooped here. And we all shed a tear for the memory of the Mars Bar bathroom.

Mars Bars Bathroom

by: Sebastian Jaramillo\Flickr


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