Customers Say Thanks in a Unique Way

The car rental business is not considered the most exciting business ever, but every once in a while we also get our fair share of amusement. This week, it came in a form of a really cool band named BLACKOUT. The group of six singers came to Prestige office in 33rd before heading off to a concert and caught us by surprise as they started to sing an acappella version to the hit song “we are young” (originally performed by Fun), And fun it was!
We enjoyed the improvised show, and the happy customers got a nice little discount from us.

This is obviously not the first time we encounter extra-ordinary people in our office. We meet so many unique and interesting customers coming to NYC, and there is nothing more satisfied than to welcome them back each and every time.
We wanted to share with you this cool video of the improvised performance, and say thanks for the heartwarming post on the band Facebook page.

And here’s a reminder of the fabulous original:

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