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Looking for a cheap car rental in NYC? Prestige Car Rental offers not only the cheapest car rental rates in NYC, but also great selection of cars and professional customers’ service. For a cheaper car rental, we also offer special coupons and discounts.

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Prestige Car Rental provides budget and cheap car rental in NYC and the surrounding area. If you need to rent a car for a business trip, a weekend getaway or just for your everyday outings, you will be able to find the most competitive rates and reliable vehicles at our cheap car rental department.

Cheapest Car Rental in NYC

Cheap car rental NYC

Can you find Cheap Car Rental in NYC?

More than half of New Yorkers do not own a car, for financial and environmental reasons, due to parking challenges, and when they need to rent a car they look for the cheapest car rental rates.! Prestige offers the the cheapest car rental solutions in New York and a large selection of safe, quality and family-friendly cheap cars and economy cars for every purpose.

What to look in a Cheap Car Rental?

When renting a cheap car, it is important to choose a trustworthy and reputable car rental company, which offers special discounts and a professional customer’s service. Prestige has been serving NYC residents and tourists for over ten years, offering reliable and clean economy cars at competitive prices. All of our cars, including our cheap car rentals, are inspected and maintained on a regular basis, guaranteeing a safe and hassle free drive.

Cheap Car Rental for Young Drivers

Prestige allows even young drivers to rent cheap cars in NYC. One of our cheap car rental benefits is our Young Driver Policy – 18 years old drivers can take advantage of our low-cost car rentals and hire a car on a budget!

Cheap Car Rental Locations

At Prestige we aim to make car rental available for everyone at any budget, which is why we offer car rental services at such affordable prices. Whenever you need to rent a car on a budget, contact us or visit our NYC, Manhattan or Queens locations and rent a car.

Call us at 212-957-1525 (Westside Manhattan) 212-679-4747 (Midtown Manhattan) or 718-335-0209 (Queens) and reserve a cheap car rental today!

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