Cheap Car Rental Tips

As the weather is getting hotter, car rental rates increase. So if you plan to rent a car during the hot car rental season, follow these tips to cut the costs.

1. Make Early Reservations

Car rental agencies usually offer significantly lower rates for early reservations, so booking a rental car in advance can save you some money, especially during the peak season. It is generally recommended to book a rental car as soon you book the flight and hotel, that way you can compare rates and choose the most suitable car.

cheap car rental

2. Look for Online Coupons & Discounts

Many car rental agencies offer online coupons and discounts for holidays and weekdays, frequent renters and first-time renters and for no special reasons. Look for car rental discounts on your favorite coupon websites or simply google car rental coupons. If you are renting a car often, joining a loyalty club or a frequent renter program can save you lots of money on the long run.

3. Avoid Airport Car Rental

Renting a car at the airport is more convenient, but not necessarily cheaper. Renting a car near the airport is generally cheaper and no-less convenient. When renting a car in NYC, you can simply take the subway or the bust from the airport to any of Prestige’s Car Rental locations, conveniently located in Manhattan and Queens.

4. Return the Rental Car on Time

A delay in returning the car can drag additional fees, so be punctual when returning the car. If you don’t think you’ll arrive on time, it is actually cheaper to pay for an extra day than paying the penalty.

5. Check Fuel Policy

Fuel policy varies from one car rental agency to another; some will charge you for a full tank as part of the rental fees and others ask the customers to refill the tank before returning the rental car. Either way, ignoring the fuel policy drags extra charges. Also, renting a smaller car, such as economy car, means a smaller tank and less fuel to fill.

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