5 Car-Related New York Attractions

Although New York City has the lower car ownership rate in the US and many of its residents and tourists prefer renting a car or using public transportation, New York offers several car shows and automobile related attractions for the car and driving enthusiasts. If you are willing to take a drive our of NYC, you can visit some of the best antique car museums Eastside.

Credit: LotPro Cars/Flickr

Credit: LotPro Cars/Flickr

NY International Auto Show

Established in 1900, New York International Auto Show was the first North-American auto exhibition and remained one of the most important car events worldwide. The 10-day happening is composed of almost 100 different events including car exhibitions, conventions and parties, where the industry giants display their newest innovations. Many of the exhibitions are kids-friendly. The 2014 NYIAS will take place on April 18–27 at the Jacob Javits Center in NYC.

NYC Volkswagen Traffic Jam

NYC Volkswagen Traffic Jam is an annual vintage car happening, which celebrates 1960s classic Volkswagen automobiles: colorful beetles, buggies and buses that look like they emerged from a psychedelic movie. The next VW Traffic Jam will be on August 28, 2014 at the Governors Island, overlooking the New York Harbor and the Statue of Liberty. Owners of old Volkswagen models are required to register, spectators can arrive via the free ferry service from Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. The car show is accompanied by a picnic in the park and the whole event is friendly for families and cyclists.

Kustom Kills & Hot-Rod Thrills Rumblers Car Show

An annual vintage car happening in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, organized and sponsored by the Rumblers Car Club NY, the leading local hot rod organization. Kustom Kills & Hot-Rod Thrills   brings together vintage fans with matching hairstyles, music performances and, of course, 1950s style car models.

Northeast Classic Car Museum

Located in Norwich, New York, the Northeast Classic Car Museum exhibits an impressive collection of antique luxury cars including early 20th century Franklin cars, legendary: Auburn, Cord, Duesenberg and Packards as well as many rare findings from barns across the country.

Saratoga Automobile Museum

The Saratoga Automobile Museum highlights New York State part in the early days of the American automobile industry. The museum exchanging exhibits includes antique, restored and customized cars, pictures of classic cars and car-related artifacts.

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