5 Best Karaoke Bars in NYC

Karaoke is big in the U.S. as well as in many other countries worldwide. Reason being, it allows people to express themselves through singing. Because if you can’t say it, why not sing it. Right! Apart from the job that singing both on and off key brings to the Billy Joel wannabe, karaoke also offers a number of health benefits as well, but we’ll leave that for another day and another post. This one is going to show you the spots in New York City where you can get the ultimate Karaoke experience without having to pretend to enjoy watered-down martinis.

Karaoke nyc

by Eden, Janine and Jim


  1. Karaoke Duet

This up-scale karaoke spot is the real deal, with sleek décor, an updated song list, and just stellar overall service. Karaoke Duet literally sets the standards when it comes to karaoke bars in New York City. Located in three separate locations across the city, the one close to K-Town is considered the best of the lot. Visit in the evenings and you will find the place full of budding songsters and other cool people who just want to have a good time. The private rooms at Karaoke Duet are swanky and squeaky clean, and the place also has a massive party room which can house around 30 to 35 people at a time, complete with a disco ball and all, making it definitely worth the visit.

  1. Karaoke Shout

While New Yorkers might consider Manhattan as being the hub for karaoke bars, the truth is that Astoria isn’t too far behind. This karaoke bar features both a general karaoke bar along with private rooms as well. Mondays are free, so you’ll always get your money’s worth at Karaoke Shout, even if you didn’t pay for it (which is always a good deal!). There’s also happy hour which starts at 8p.m. till closing time.

  1. Planet Rose

This East Village spot boasts of zebra couches and Christmas lights, which means that there is never a dull moment at Planet Rose. For those who are prone to sing off tune, this karaoke bar is more often than not packed with a forgiving crowd, so no one will boo you off stage which is set in the middle of this dive bar.

Karaoke nyc2

by Meredith P.


  1. Gagopa Karaoke

Gagopa Karaoke is another karaoke bar where you can transform your rendition of Amy Winehouse’s “You know I’m no good.” The venue has a bring-your-own-booze policy, so there’s plenty of encouragement before you belt one out (or if you want to forget what just happened!). All you have to do is work up the courage to sing your song in front of a room full of strangers you’ve never met before (or hope to never meet again).

  1. The Trash Bar

Brooklyn backroom Karaoke at The Trash is the stuff of legend and for good reason. For all the night owls out there, the best part of The Trash bar is that things don’t begin to heat up till after midnight, when the joint really turns loud and wannabe rock stars seem to be coming out the woodwork. But, be warned, Trash bar is where only the brave and the bold can survive while belting out those soul tunes.


Just like everything else in New York City, karaoke bars are plenty and cater to various music tastes. No matter what the age, the mere suggestion of okie stirs excitement and sometimes even pure panic, but to experience it with friends makes a karaoke bar worth the visit when you’re in New York (just make sure you put down a pint or two before you decide to jump on stage and murder Hotel California).

Best Walks in New York City

Humans have been walking ever since the dawn of time when our species got too tired of the low and slow process of rolling. Jokes aside, whether you’re a strider or a cautious roamer, there are plenty of places in the Big Apple where you can take a walk and breathe in this wonderful city. So, let’s just cut to the chase shall we.

Parkslope - NYC walk
by ​wikipedia user GK tramrunner. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons

Fifth Avenue – Park Slope, Brooklyn

You’ll probably need to take a train ride to get to this one, but it will be totally worth your while. Fifth Avenue, Park Slope is still a relatively unknown part of Brooklyn’s thoroughfare, and it offers the kind of charm you simply won’t find any place else in New York. In fact, the Park Slope neighborhood is filled with hidden gems you’ll just have to see to believe.

The best part about visiting this part of New York is that there’s always plenty to do once you’re out there. From visiting the many restaurants which line Fifth Avenue between 9th street and Bergen, to checking out some of the popular clubs and shops in the area, Park Slope is definitely the place to visit if you really want to enjoy a nice walk out on a balmy afternoon or evening.
Irving Place

This is another one of those gems that have managed to stay hidden from tourists and many New Yorkers as well. Running only from 14th Street and Gramercy Park, the walk will take you past the popular Pete’s Tavern, an old five bar that’s been around for more than 150 years. While your walk will only last about six blocks, your sights will be glued to the old school charm of the beautiful town homes which line this legendary street. The calmness of the street will make you forget all about the fact that you are just a stone’s throw away from the always bustling Union Square. You can finish off your walk with a stroll around the beautiful Gramercy Park.

Prince st nyc walks
by © Jorge Royan via Wikimedia Commons

Prince Street

Prince Street runs for just 10 blocks, from Bowery to MacDougal, but you will not regret the decision. Reason being, Prince Street is filled with both history and atmosphere, which makes it an exquisite walk no matter what the time. Walk past the majestic St. Patrick’s Cathedral, which also happens to be New York City’s first cathedral and bask on its gorgeous design and old brick walls. Take a few steps further down the road and you will come to McNally Jackson, which is a great independent bookstore, where you could stop to browse what’s on offer.
West 4th Street

The West 4th Street runs east/west and straight through the heart of Greenwich Village, while skirting the southern end of the popular Washington Square Park. This street has got to be one of the most beautiful streets in the whole of New York City, especially if you are lucky enough to take a walk here during the evenings.


Walking the streets of this great city is truly an experience. It also makes for one of the best pastimes you could hope for (if you’re the outdoorsy type!).

Weirdest Things to Do in New York City

Weird is actually a state of mind, wouldn’t you agree? You do. Good, we can move on then. A word which is tagged with anything out of the ordinary, “weird” simply defined is “something odd” or “not normal.” If you think of yourself as conventional, ordinary, or in other words, “unweird” than it’s about time to cut loose from your orthodox averageness. And here’s how you do it… in New York City.


weird nyc

by mollybob

  1. Fat Cat

Okay, so this first one ain’t weird, it’s just cool! Fat Cat is considered as a wonderfully unique institution in New York City and for good reason too. If it’s your first time here (and it probably is!) do not let the somewhat non-descript storefront fool you. Just go in, walk down the stairs and through the long hallway until you find yourself in a gaming heaven. Here you will find yourself surrounded by foosball, ping pong, pool tables and the works.

It also happens to be a bar with a great stock just in case you get thirsty after all that gaming. Fat Cat also features live music and is famous for its impressive lineup of acts ranging from R&B to old school jazz that take place every single night. Not a bad deal for a $3 cover charge eh!


  1. McKellen Me Softly

Ian Mckellen is renowned for his work as Gandalf (the one dude you can count on) in movies such as “Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” but the veteran actor is also master of the theatre. If you’re a fan of the great McKellen then you would want to visit this annual art show and fund raiser which will be paying homage to the great actor with dozens of artworks which have been inspired by his body of work. For more details, just go on to the Geeks Out website and find out more on the venue.


  1. Fischer Landau Center for Art

This modern art museum is actually a private collection of Ms. Fischer Landau who is considered as one of the most influential patrons of the arts in the city. Having an eye for art, she actually bought art work from many famous artists who weren’t famous at the time. Prepare to feast your eyes on And Warhol, Rothko and many other artists that are part of pop culture history.

Fischer Landau Center for Art nyc

by Andrew Russeth

  1. Sleep No More

If you find yourself tired of Broadway then you might be looking for a more interactive theater experience. Sleep No More takes you on an individual journey through one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays, Macbeth. But, this is no ordinary theatre, set in the McKittrick Hotel, which looks more like an asylum for lunatics, the audience is free to venture through the restored hotel / theater and experience the story of Macbeth as it unfolds. A word of caution though, Sleep No More is an adult-only production for its dark themes, so tagging your kids along will definitely not be a good idea.


  1. Accomplice Tour

Well this is a list of unusually activities to do in New York City, so the Accomplice Tour just has to be a part of it. This tour helps you explore the city in the most unconventional way possible. Prepare to be wowed as you make your way through the city and find hidden treasure, with your only weapons being the clues you are given along with the mysterious cast members you will meet throughout your search. If puzzles are your thing then Accomplice Tour is made for you.

By far, the best way of experiencing the weird in New York City is with the folks who live there, or at least have an anchor if you’re a tourist, which will make your time even more exciting and memorable.

6 Best Toy Stores in NYC

If you live in New York City or visiting the city, finding a toy store is as easy as pie. If you were wondering what they are, here are a few of your options.


toysRus nyc

by Rob Young


  1. West Side Kids

This uptown family run toy store has been selling games, toys and children’s books for over 20 years. A must visit for any parent who has a kid with an inquisitive mind, West Side Kids offers something for all ages. From toy dinosaurs to a pocket microscope this toy store has it all.

West Side Kids
498 Amsterdam Ave.
New York, NY 10024


  1. Toys “R” Us

Probably, one of the most well known toy stores in New York City, Toys “R” Us has been a top destination for both themed and unusual gifts. This cool store specializes in the best when it comes to cool toys for kids of all ages, and It is the only toy store in the city which features a 20-foot animatronic T-Rex along with a 60-foot indoor Ferris wheel. The truth is that this toy store has becomes just as part of the splendor of Times Square as many of the other iconic stores in the city. Toys “R” Us
1514 Broadway
New York, NY 10036


Toys “R” Us nyc

by Bob B. Brown


  1. Toy Tokyo

Toy Tokyo is usually mistaken for an Asian toy store, but you would be surprised to know that the owner of this East Village toy store is actually a Jewish guy. But, why the heck does it matter anyway, right? The famous toy store has been designed to mimic the stores of Japan, and this source of insipration is apparent right as you enter through the door. Toy Japan is the place where you and your kid will be exposed to tons of toys, Kaiju models and memorabilia which are displayed in all their glory all over the store.

Toy Tokyo
91 2nd Ave.
New York, NY 10003


  1. Toy Space

Toy Space is the place where you will find everything from the latest Transformers and Star Wars-themed toys to the classic stuff such as the Rubik’s cube or monopoly. Toy Space also happens to have a large repository of Disney-branded toys as well. Bottom line, if you’re looking for something unique to buy for your kid, this is the place to be.

Toy Space
426 7th Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11215



  1. Torly Kid

This toy store is owned and operated by Carol Adams, who has amazingly managed to transform her previous venture Babylicious into Torly Kid, and turning it into the undisputed one stop shop for both kids in their teens and tweens. This amazing toy store not only houses a broad collection of party favors, but also some of the best selling toy lines in the country such as, Appaman, Lunchbox and Tooby Doo.

Torly Kid
51 Hudson St.
New York, NY 10013


  1. A Time for Children

A Time for Children is one of those toy stores that are filled with those hard-to-find products you just won’t be able to find any place else. From Legos to board games and everything in between, expect to find it all here at A Time for Children. This toy store is a must-visit, especially because 100% of the profits go to the Children’s Aid Society.

A Time for Children
506 Amsterdam Ave # 2
New York, NY 10024


So, if you are searching for cool toys for your kid and you want the good stuff then these are the places you would definitely want to visit in New York City.

5 Best Record Stores in NYC

We all love music. Any type of music, as long as it either has a sick beat or a groovy tune. Before music lovers turned online to get their daily music fix, the record store at the corner of the street was the option of choice and had value which was simply irreplaceable. While most people prefer to buy their favorite music online or just download it without permission, there are still those who are loyal to the ol’ brick and mortar record store, and this post is just for them. Here, we are going to talk about the top record stores in the city of New York.



  1. Academy Records & CDs

At 2 W 18th Street stands Academy Records & CDs, a veritable haven for music lovers of all genres. The record store has been selling LPs and CDs for over forty years and is the place to visit if you are looking for the best in rock or jazz. Academy Records specializes in vinyl records that are reasonably priced, making it a great place to pass a balmy afternoon, or just pop in for a quick visit to dig some crates and find yourself some long lost gems.

  1. Black Gold Records

Black Gold Records is located on 461 Court Street, and stays true to its name, because it’s just amazing how this quaint store manages to sell records, antiques and coffee too for those who need to take a break from finding those gems that have slipped under the radar. The record store deals exclusively in vinyl records and especially towards the hard stuff. You can even expect to find records of your favorite rock and punk bands at this place.

  1. Co-op 87 Records & Tapes

Located at 87 Guernsey Street, Brooklyn, 11222, this record store will make you feel right at home with its comfortable and welcoming décor and a collection of hard to find records from almost all the music genres. Visiting this record store will make you realize just why buying records online will never take the place of in person browsing in a brick and mortar record store. Along with the new, you will also find the old here, so make sure to give Co-op 87 Records & Tapes a visit if you’re in New York.

  1. Other Music

When you think about “other music”, what comes to mind? Well, the stuff you’ll find here at Other Music. This music store has been a favorite amongst music lovers since the mid 90s and its popularity hasn’t slowed down since. Other Music is well curated, with a large collection of the kind of music which often times slips through the cracks, but can definitely be mistaken for some one hit wonder. As a bonus, this music store also throws in the occasional in-store performance every once in a while, so you never know your luck. The store is located at 15 E 4th Street and is the one of those places in New York City where the little guns thrive.

  1. Record Grouch

With a name like that, you might expect to be greeted with a snare or a growl. It’s actually the opposite. Record Grouch has one of the best record collections in the city of New York. This formidable record store has stacks of CDs and LPs which range from old-school jazz to the more current heavy metal and just about everything in between. So, you should feel right at home at Record Grouch.


Whether you are trying to build a collection of records or you just want to find a gem your dad used to play when you were a kid, New York City has a host of options when it comes to cool record stores.

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