Best Shopping Areas in NYC

Read our rundown of NYC top shopping areas, with some added info to give you a sense of each neighborhood.

South Street Seaport

Although that shopping-wise you will not find something that is completely unique to the area, the beautiful harbor views and the historic ambience are definitely worth a visit.


Explore the fish and herbal markets along Canal, Mulberry and Mott streets, and enjoy its exotic bustle. Scattered across them, and especially Canal St, you will find spectacular collections of generic knock off watches and sunglasses, low-priced bags, leather goods and exotic memorabilia.

Lower East Side

The historic Orchard Street Shopping District can gives another taste of a part of New York that is gradually disappearing. From Houston St to Canal St, and along Allen, Orchard, Ludlow and Delancey Streets, the district will give you opportunity to get a fair price on leather goods, shoes and fabrics, while exploring the area. It is recommended to come on week days, since a lot of the store owners are Jewish, and do not work Friday after noon and Saturday. Sunday, however, tends to be a nut house, so might want to avoid it all together.
Due to the fortunate (?) and inevitable course of gentrification in the area, you can also find more cutting edge and fashionable shops around the area, and especially South of Huston and north of Grand St, and between Allen and Clinton St to the east end west, and on Delancey St.


NoLita credit: Betty Tsang\Flickr


Stop complaining about this ultra-fashionable ‘hood, because if you’re in for a trendy, tony, and fresh shopping experience this is still the place to go. A special atmosphere that is not found on any other neighborhood in New York, Plus some of the best stores in the city, will give you the trendy experience you desire.


The little fashionable sister of SoHo, once a part of Little Italy, is now a super trendy and upscale shopping area. And while shopping for goods you can also feast your eyes on St, Patrick’s Old Cathedral, or visit the Italian American Museum located on Mulberry St.

Greenwich Village

If you’re looking for gift shopping, and especially books, records, and antique shops, the West Village is the place for you.

Chelsea/Meat-Packing District

No shopping spree would be complete without a visit to the new arty district of the moment. Alongside the arty ambient you’ll find some big names designers clothes and Shoes, Pricey, but fair.


Credit: choco/Flickr


Brooklyn is evolving to be a shopping area by its own right, and especially Williamsburg. You’ll find vintage music and clothing stores on Bedford Avenue that will appeal to the esoteric culture lovers


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