Best NYC Parks

Did you know that the first urban park, or at least one of the very oldest, is situated in the US? Boston Common (Boston, Massachusetts, USA), that was built in 1634 is the oldest park in the country, and possibly in the world.

We need not remind you of the benefits of outdoor activities such as sports, picnics and camping, but if you still need a bit of refreshing about it, or if you haven’t had the time to go out for a nice public park walk, let us test you, or rather, let us allow you to test yourself! Answer these five questions and we’ll let you know how good (or bad) is your “urban parking ability “.

1. Be sincere, when was the last time you went out to any municipal park? (E.g. Central Park, Prospect Park Etc.)? If you can’t recall, that’s not a good sign!
2. When you did, (if you did) what sort of activity did you take part in? Did it involve walking or running?
3. Who did you go with? Were your loved ones present? (e.g. family, close friends, etc.)
4. How long did you spend in the park?
5. Did you ENJOY yourself?

We’ll let you answer these to yourself in the privacy of your heart. After all, we don’t want to embarrass you by pointing out your exact level of “parking abilities”. So, whatever was your score according to this thinking test, let us just suggest you enjoying a nice picnic, stroll, run, sport game or camp in the urban park near you. Here are the best NYC parks, just waiting for you to come and discover their hidden natural wonders: streams, ponds, trees and wildlife.


picture by

1. Inwood Hill Park – The wildest

Just up the northeast point of Manhattan, Inwood Hill Park maintains a rare glimpse of wild landscapes. The area is relatively untouched, and captures some of the characteristics of Manhattan Island from some 500 years ago.

Indian Rd, (at 218 St)

2. Prospect Park – The heart of Brooklyn

Olmsted and Vaux, co-designers and visionaries, turned to create this Brooklyn urban park after their renowned central park, and later turned to create many more parks and planed neighborhoods across the country. Prospect Park is considered to be their crowning achievement.

Prospect Park West to Flatbush Ave
Prospect Park
Between Prospect Park Southwest and Ocean Ave

3. Pelham Bay Park – The biggest

Relaxing atmosphere, summer concerts, kid’s court, gym court, bike trails… and this is only some of the things this huge urban park has to offer. It’s the city’s largest park, at 2,766 acres, (three times the size of Central Park!) and features great attractions such as the Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum, Orchard Beach , and the newly renovated Pelham Bay Golf Course.

Bruckner Blvd
Pelham Bay Park
At Middletown Rd


picture by Jack Rothman,

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