Best NYC Locations from Mad Men

As you probably know, the AMC series “Mad Men” is about a fictional New York-based advertising agency, and of course, Don Draper, the smoothest cat of TV. While the Emmy-award winning show didn’t actually film in any of the locations of New York, it sure did drop a few names of its favorite haunts to give it more authenticity. Regardless, for the final season of the beloved series, we’re going to explore some of the famous Mad Men destinations.

mad men nyc

The Oyster Bar

The Oyster Bar at Grand Central was where Don got back at Roger for hitting on Betty by daring him to have one too many martinis and stuff himself with oysters. Don also bribes the elevator attendant to say that the elevator is out of order, so the two then have to walk the twenty three flights of steps up to their office, which makes Roger so sick that he ends up puking at the feet of a client. While we’re not recommending you to try out the martinis or the oyster at the Oyster Bar at Grand Central, we are recommending you to stop by for a visit and see how close the Mad Men set got to reality.

The Pierre New York

The famous Pierre is the epitome of luxury and style in New York, even today. This has been amplified even more so after the 2009 renovations which cost it a whopping $100 million. This locale was used in season one of Mad Men when Don meets with Rachel Menken, a department store head, to discuss a tourism campaign. The Pierre also made an appearance in the season three finale when room number 435 was turned into a make-shift office of the new Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce ad agency.

the roosvelt hotel

Photo by Carin Baer

The Roosevelt Hotel

The Roosevelt Hotel offered temporary residence to Don Draper after his wife kicked him out of his house in season two. The hotel, which is located at the corner of Madison Avenue and East 45th Street, has been the stomping ground for many ad men, and the sumptuous New York hotel , its stained glass windows and its mahogany walls are a must visit for every Man Men fan. To get your fill of the 60s, don’t forget to drop in at the Roosevelt’s rooftop lounge and soak in the breathtaking cityscape.

PJ clarke's nyc

Photo by Carin Baer

P. J. Clarke’s

P.J. Clarke’s was established back in 1884, which makes it a vintage even for the Mad Men crowd. P.J. Clarke’s was where the gang boozed and danced in season one to celebrate Peggy’s copy for the Belle Jolie ad campaign. P.J. Clarke’s definitely deserves a visit if you consider yourself a Man Men fan. It’s great to enter inside and see how time seems to have stood still even after all these years. And while you’re at it, taste some of the mouthwatering food of this famous watering hole as well.

Rolling Stones had named the Mad Men series “the greatest TV drama of all time.” That’s because it was filmed in LA, it still managed to show some of the most famous places in New York which will leave New Yorkers oozing with nostalgia. And while the popular series will be over soon, you could still imagine spotting Peggy, Joan or even Draper if you use your imagination, while you take a stroll down these famous Mad Men sites.


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