Best Macarons in NYC

Who doesn’t like macarons? Not anyone we know of. New York City is home to some of the best macaron outlets in the country, where visitors get to treat their sweet tooth to a variety of these chewy and crunchy cookies, after Instagramming them of course!

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Here we are going to talk about the best dessert bars and bakeries which are celebrated for their macarons in New York City.

  1. Spot Dessert Bar

Located at 13 Street, Marks Pl. New York, Spot Dessert Bar is home of pastry whiz Pichet Ong, who brings along with him a blend of Western and Asian traditions in such creations as the Green tea crisp pastry with a bitter sweet and creamy finish. Apart from that, also dwell in flavors such as ice cream and ginger oatmeal raisin, and vanilla poached persimmon just to name a few.

  1. Epicerie Boulud

On 1900 Broadway is Epicerie Boulud, is the premier destination for macarons, charcutiers and all kinds of dainties. Apart from the French packaged items one will also find prepared foods like sandwiches or something sweet like croissants, ice cream or the crowd favorite, chocolate macarons which offer a luscious option for food lovers.

  1. Macaron Café

Macaron Café is one of the premier destinations to get these crunchy delights in New York City. Located at 161 West 36th Street, owner and chef Cecile Cannone offers her masterpieces such as raspberry, vanilla and pistachio along with a variety of others, and people flock from all ends of the city to taste the French delicacy in which two almond-based meringues hold a creamy center. Staying true to its roots, Macaron Café also offers what they call the Big Mac, which is basically two oversized buns which hold together a chocolate ganache patty. While it’s a big fellow, it gives you a taste of all perfect Franco American bond.



  1. Macaron Parlour

Located at 111 St. Marks Pl. Macaron Parlour is the where you will get to taste all the creamy goodness and smoothness of the fig macaron, which is just one of owner’s Simon Tung and Christina Ha’s offerings. The duo prefer to give their own spin to the crunchy macarons instead of serving up the same traditional recipe. Here you can expect to find flavors such as, peanut butter cup and red velvet along with many other flavors in macarons that will leave your taste buds spinning.

  1. La Maison du Macaron

La Maison du Macaron is a small and quaint café which happens to serve one of the best macarons you can feast on in New York City. Located at 32 W 23rd Street, La Maison du Macaron is well known for the punchy and sweet tart citrus macarons, which definitely earns the French café a visit for those who love their sweet treats. Here you will also find the flavor called key lime, inspired by their key lime pie, which is a graham cracker coated shell on top of a tangy custard and just the right amount of cream, making it one of those treats you will definitely not forget too soon.
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  1. Bisous Ciao

The sweetshop, Bisous Ciao at 101 Stanton Street is one of the few places where those with a sweet tooth get to taste some interesting flavors such as, pistachio, salted caramel and orange blossom. From Biscous Ciao you can either buy your favorite macarons individually or in a boxed set. The outlet also offers a special seasonal selection of these cookies which include masala chai, cranberry and pecan caramel, just to name a few.


These cafes and bakeries are considered the best when it comes to delicious macarons, and are definitely worth risking your waist line.

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