NYC Luxury Car Rental

Do you want to drive the streets of NYC in style? Prestige Car Rental offers quality luxury rental cars at reasonable rates with an incredible service. Our luxury Mercedes or Land Rover rentals are guaranteed to take you for an enjoyable, comfortable and luxurious ride in New York and the area.

Whether you want to rent a luxury car for a wedding or any other special occasion, to impress your business clients or just for fun, Prestige luxury cars for rent will surely meet your needs.

Our NYC Luxury Car Rentals

Rover Rental
If you want to rent a luxury car that provides a thrilling driving experience, then a Land Rover is the car rental for you. Prestige Car Rental o...
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Benz Rental
Do you want to drive the streets of Manhattan in a Mercedes Benz? At Prestige Car Rental you can rent a luxury Mercedes at the most affordable ra...
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Mercedes Cars for Rent in NYC

Prestige’s Mercedes car rental combines elegance, grace, and performance, for an incredible driving experience. Take advantage of our incomparable luxury rental rates and reserve the stylish and comfortable Mercedes rental.

Land Rover Cars

Prestige’s Land Rover rentals allow you to enjoy the comfort of a spacious luxury car without sacrificing sophistication or a powerful engine. Land Rover is the perfect luxury car for driving in NYC or in more challenging roads.

NYC Luxury Car Rentals Benefits:

Competitive Rental Rates – thanks to Prestige’s affordable rates, renting a Mercedes or a Land Rover in Manhattan is no longer beyond your means.

Quality Cars – our customer service makes sure all our cars are in excellent condition and ready to hit the road!

Excellent Service – our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always on hand for any question or request.

Renting a luxury car is not about renting a car with an expensive price tag, it also guarantees an unmatchable level of comfort and quality. If you want to experience the best the automotive industry has to offer, contact us at any of our car rental agency in NYC, Manhattan, and Queens and we will reserve a luxury car for you.

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