8 Best Veggie Burgers in NYC

Everybody loves food, and most people’s favorite brand of food is the kind that makes it to our mouths as quickly as possible. We’re talking about fast food, what else! So, even if you’ve chosen to give up on meat for moral, environmental or health reasons, you’re deserved to enjoy a juicy meatless burger. Here are the best veggie burgers you can find in NYC.

veggie burger

by Matthew Hurst


  1. Bareburger

Bareburger the burger joint that branches out of the conventional with its organic patties with beef and many veggie options all customized to your liking. And that’s not all; visitors to the restaurant also get to choose from a wide array of delicious toppings that are all organic and healthy so you can feel less guilty when dining there.

85 2nd Ave East Village
New York, NY 10003

  1. The Rabbithole

The Rabbithole is located in Brooklyn and serves one of the most perfectly seasoned patties you will find in New York City. With pickled onions, regular pickles, plain cucumber slices, bell peppers and a wonderfully creamy dressing, The Rabbithole should definitely be on your list when looking for a delicious veggie burger.

352 Bedford Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11211


veggie burger nyc

by  Miikka H


  1. Burger & Barrel

Burger & Barrel is located Soho, and it serves some of the trendiest veggie burgers in New York City along with wine-on-tap in a hip setting. For those who like to enjoy a crispy and slightly charred patty, Burger & Barrel is the place for you.

Burger & Barrel
25 W Houston St.
New York, NY 10012

  1. Lentil and Barley Burger at Dubuque Restaurant

At Dubuque Restaurant in Brooklyn you’ll get a vegan burger that’s made with fresh ingredients that consists of mostly French barley and lentils, which gives it great texture. This vegan burger also has a rich flavor and is served together with a squirt of harissa which only adds to its rich flavor. Don’t be fooled by the quaint ambiance, when it comes to some unique vegetarian items, the place is an exciting find.

Dubuque Restaurant
82 5th Ave # 3R, Brooklyn
NY 11217


  1. Alias

Located in the Lower East Side neighborhood is Alias, which lives up to its name. The veggie burgers served here are delicious to say the least, and are served with various condiments which include pico de gallo and spicy mayonnaise, making them as satisfying as hell. Sure, its sounds messy, but the soft bun should help to hold it all together.

76 Clinton St.
New York, NY 10002

  1. Remedy Diner

The veggie burgers served up at Remedy Diner is the perfect example of an excellent and delectable deal. The soy flour based patty compliments its ostensibly fresh ingredients, while the pocket-friendly price easily makes this veggie burger one of the most delicious mealtime options when it comes to the vegetarian menu.

Remedy Diner
245 E Houston St.
New York, NY 10002

  1. 5 Napkin Burger

The restaurant is known for serving some super tasty patties along with a healthy assortment of sushi. So, there’s a little something for the meat lovers too! Another good thing about this burger joint is that there isn’t a “5 napkin limit” as the name implies, which is a good thing.

5 Napkin Burger
150 E 14th St,
New York, NY

  1. Westville West

Westville West is a homey standby with a quiet and loyal fan base. The restaurant serves the market oriented fare when it comes to interesting vegetable dishes. You will also find an extremely courteous crew, which is always a good thing, and makes the experience well worth it.

Westville West
210 W 10th St.
New York, NY 10014


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