8 Best Flower Shops in New York City

Everyone knows the significance of flowers as a gift and an instant way to add scent and color to your urban apartment. So, if you are thinking of buying flowers to a special someone or to yourself, here is a list of some of the best flower shops in New York City.

flower shop nyc

credit: Firoz Ansari



  1. Prudence Designs

At 347 W 36th St, Prudence Designs has been catering to the likes of New Yorkers, as well as some very famous personalities such as, Tom Cruise and David Lettermen. The flower shop first opened its gates back in 1995 when Arturo Quintero and Grayson Handy decided that the business of arranging blossoms just had to be taken to the next level. Here you will find some exquisite floral designs which can cater to any event, from a simple “I-messed-up’ bouquet to full blown floral arrangements for extravagant events.

  1. Flower Girl

Flower Girl is located at 245 Eldridge Street between Houston and Stanton. It is artfully arranged with worn wood tables and shelves upon which some of the most striking bouquets and arrangements are placed. The founder and owner, Denise Porcaro focuses her floral arrangements according on the options that are available seasonally. Here you will also find a bevy of herbs and fiddlehead ferns along with handmade denim aprons, shea butter soaps and unusual vases.

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credit: derbokon


  1. Opalia Flowers

Located on 377 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, this flower shop has been named after the festival that honors the Roman goddess of fertility and abundances. Opalia Flowers is furnished with warm antique pieces of furniture from farms and estates from around New England. Whether you are looking for a single stem or a bouquet for a special occasion, this flower store caters to customers of all sizes.

  1. Starbright Floral Design

If you’re looking for a 5-star experience, Starbright Floral Design, located on 140 W 26th Street, is what you are looking for. The shop started off with a small emporium and very soon some of the largest hotels and restaurants in New York City were standing in line to be served by the floral designers at Starbright Floral Design. This flower shop has come a long way from its quaint beginnings, and can now be found in the heart of New York’s historical flower district.

  1. Banchet Flowers

Located at 447 W 16th St, Banchet Flowers is known for its orchids and flower arrangements of the unusual kind. The beautiful flowers you will find here are sourced from as far away as Singapore and Thailand, so don’t be surprised to find some of the most exotic flowers in town. And that’s not all; Banchet Flowers also offers some great homewares, such as candles and vases.

flower district nyc

credit: Kristine Paulus


  1. Ovando

Ovando could quite possibly be one of New York’s most sought after flower shops. Founded by Sandra De Ovando, the store is also an event production firm which caters to quite a few A-list celebrities and prestigious events such as the US Open and the Four Seasons. If you’re looking for something special for a special occasion then head on down to Ovando at 19 East 65th Street.

  1. Sycamore Bar & Flowershop

On 1118 Cortelyou Road, Sycamore offers a unique experience with its shop-cum-bar setting. Here you can go through some of the best floral designs while you sip on your favorite brew. The flower shop has a laid back vibe and is a fun place where you can even learn how to create some unique floral arrangements of your own.

  1. MagnaFlora

From Japanese sweet peas to Dutch hydrangeas, you will find it all here at MagnaFlora at 411 Third Ave 11215. Established by Brazilian-born owner Mauro Gomes, this flower shop is also known for creating some unique floral arrangements that are made to measure for various events and occasions. MagnaFlora features some fantastic high-breed roses and a whole bunch of other arrangements consisting of other non rose flowers.

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