7 Best Brunches in NYC

If on weekdays most New Yorkers eat breakfast out of a paper bag, the weekends are the times to sit down and have a boozy and scrumptious brunch. If you’re lost navigating through the abundance of brunch menus in NYC, here are some of the most well-known restaurants that serve the best brunch in town.

brunch nyc

credit: Erica Firment


The exposed brick, marble bar and globe lights is what gives Estela its cookie-cutter charm as a rustic restaurant-cum-bar. Estela is also well-known for the way it has catered to the space between breakfast and lunch. The Uruguayan-born Ignacio Mattos excels in the Mediterranean tinged style and has fine tuned his skills to near perfection.

Eat This:

If you don’t mind the decibels which crowd the room, try the ragged burrata on toast or a Bien Cuit tebirke, layered with a sunny-side-up egg. For something even heavier, go for the beef tartare with tart pickled elderberries.



When it comes to avant-garde American cuisine, Chef Wylie Dufresne has cultivated his modernist tongue and has been responsible for spawning such curiosities such as the deep fried mayonnaise and the scrambled egg ravioli. If you’re drawn to the strange and exotic, then Alder is a restaurant that caters to some of the most gastronomic handiwork you will ever taste, outside of China.

Eat This:

You can start off with the “Pub Cheese” or the ham & cheese eclairs. Or you can try out the chicken liver mousse or the tart topped with goat cheese, potato, bacon and argula. You can wash that down with a pineapple pepper or a tomato miso.

brunch nyc2

credit: Francis Storr


It only took this restaurant a couple of years to make its mark amongst the best restaurants in New York City. Agave is famous for its southern menu and the hombre theme which brings the dining room to life. Even though the restaurant takes reservations, the brunch menu is definitely worth the wait.

Eat This:

From swordfish tacos and flavorful fish to mimosas and all you can drink margaritas, Agave is definitely the place to be during brunch.


Amy Ruth’s

Amy Ruth’s is Harlem’s staple. The restaurant is what you call a true institution for soul food. The laid back eatery with portraits of jazz legends adorning the walls has been the favorite for many years. Also, the eatery serves many dishes that are named after famous people, many of whom were regulars at Amy Ruth’s as well.

Eat This:

Try the Rev. Al Sharpton, which is basically crunchy fried chicken with delicious waffles. Apart from that, you’ll also get a whole variety of something with waffles, along with sides like a mac and cheese or candied yams. And don’t forget a serving of the cinnamon crusted peach cobbler.


ABC Kitchen

Popularly known as the hippie restaurant, ABC Kitchen is one of New York’s most loved dining options not just because Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten has included all the best gastronomical recipes in one menu, but has also managed to capture the essence of what makes a stunning eatery. You get a sense of style from everything, from the porcelain plates and the reclaimed wood tables, to the antique armories and chandeliers, all of which makes the restaurant look like a quaint farmhouse straight out of a Mark Twain novel.

Eat This:

Try the Bow-tie pasta with veal meatballs and kasha. The raw marine shrimp and clam pizza are also a good option. And don’t forget the ice cream cake. Omelet’s and other egg-based concoctions are also the highlight of ABC Kitchen during brunch hours.

brunch nyc3

credit: Joe Crawford


By far, the best destination for alfresco dining is Cookshop. The food is prepared by Chef Marc Meyer who has been committed to bringing seasonal dining options to New Yorkers. The eatery offers a great menu of locally sourced dishes along with a variety of cocktails all of which are definitely not to be missed by anybody who loves to have a meal that has a grandmotherly touch.

Eat This:

The raisin and walnut French toast is a good option to start off with. The appetizers include smoked brook trout rillettes with pickled diakon, horseradish crème fraiche and salmon roe.


While the Odeon across the street might be getting all the attention, Edward’s is a laidback Tribeca eatery which has a robust range of great recipes that any brunch menu would be proud of. Edward’s gives off a cool and comfy vibe that draws in the locals with their kids, dates, and even their pets.

Eat This:

Amongst the range of stomach filling goodies at Edward’s is the buttermilk pancakes, crab-cake sandwich. Apart from that, there’s always their signature black and blue tuna steak, and did we mention their well stocked bar?


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