6 Notorious Death Scenes in NYC


Where Famous Sex Pistols Singer Was Almost Trialed for Murder

222 West 23rd Street, Chelsea

Chelsea Hotel is a place of many infamous mysteries; the death of the young punk figure Nancy Spungen is only one of them. On October 12, 1978, Nancy was found dead in the bathroom of room 100 in Chelsea Hotel, in unclear circumstances. Boyfriend, the famous Sex Pistols bass player and singer Sid Vicious, was present at the hotel room at the time her body was found, but claimed he had no memory of what had happened. He died of an overdose of heroin while on bail before going to trial.

Did Sid really kill Nancy? Much was said about the couple’s stormy life tragic ending, and while close friends of the couple has always expressed their feeling that the love between the two excluded any sort of murder accusations, new evidence suggest that the killer was a third man, another resident of the hotel, who spent the night with the couple and robbed and killed Nancy for a pack of cash the two had kept in the room. But the mystery will live on.

sex pistols- sid vicious

Sid Vicious by s fitz\Flickr

chelsea hotel

front of Chelsea Hotel by shani heckman\Flickr


Death Bed to Some of the Most Famous Suicide Victims

350 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10118

The Beautiful and Iconic New York City skyscraper is not only a meeting point for lovers, nor is it just a setting for dramatic cinematic events such as the fall of King Kong: The skyscraper is also a launching point for other, quieter tragedies. Evelyn McHale is probably the most famous of over 30 suicide victims that had jumped to their deaths from the top of the tower. First suicide victim was a construction worker on the tower, which jumped to his death even before the building was finished. In the picture you can see the 23 year old Evelyn McHale, resting on a crushed roof of a limousine, like a sleeping beauty, seemingly undamaged physically despite her horrific death.

The body of Evelyn McHale

The body of Evelyn McHale, credit New York Times 


Where Mobster Albert Anastasia was Slaughtered

57th Street and 7th Avenue, New York, NY

One of the most infamous mobsters in the USA history, this ruthless Cosa Nostra member was one of the founders of the Italian-American Mafia. Anastasia was caught and killed while going to the barber. Anastasia walked into the barbershop of Park Sheraton Hotel at 870 7th Avenue (now the Park Central Hotel, on 56th Street and 7th Avenue) in Midtown Manhattan on the morning of October 25, 1957, and was gun fired by two covered faced men.


dead Albert Anastasia credit: ontherealny.com


Where Head of Mob Family Paul Castellano and Underboss Thomas Bilotti were Assassinated

210 East 46th Street (between Second Avenue and Third Avenue), Midtown Manhattan, New York City

Paul Castellano and Thomas Bilotti arrived at Sparks Steak House in December 2, 1985 for a prearranged meeting; an assassination team was waiting for them near the restaurant door, and took them down by gun fire.

Sparks Steak House

death scene of Castellano and  Bilotti credit: wikipedia


Where John Lennon was Murdered at his Doorstep

Northwest corner of 72nd Street and Central Park West, Upper West Side, Manhattan, New York City

This is one of the most ill-famed celebrity murder scenes in NYC. This prestigious cooperative residential building was the famous home of the former Beatle between 1973 and 1980. On December 10 that year, Lennon was shot to death from close range by Mark David Chapman at the entrance to the building where he lived.


The Dakota credit: wikipedia


Annie Leibovitz portrait of Lennon and Ono credit: wikipedia


Heath Ledger Death Place

421 Broome Street, between Crosby and Lafayette Streets, SoHo

The Beloved Australian actor and director was found dead in his bed on January 22, 2008. His housekeeper and masseuse found him dead with a bottle of pills laid near him. Though unclear, his death circumstances are drug related, and the exact details of his death will remain a mystery forever.

421 Broome Street

Broome street after Heath Ledgers Death credit: Aloysius J. Gleek



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