6 Best Tattoo Shops in New York City

It is a common perception among some circles that a tattoo can be a thoughtful addition to the overall appearance of a person. New York City ranks number one when it comes to top tattooed cities in the US, with a total of around 300 tattoo shops that are spread throughout the five boroughs. This means that you can easily find any style you want, but being spoilt for choice can also make it hard for a person to pick out one tattoo parlor. If you want to get a tat but are confused on where to get inked in New York City, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best tattoo parlors in town.


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by Tony Alter


  1. Red Rocket Tattoo

Located on 78 W 36th Street, Red Rocket Tattoo has been transforming bodies into works of art for the past 17 years. The best part about Red Rocked Tattoo is that it brings in lots of new talent along with many international artists for guest appointments.


  1. Sacred Tattoo NYC

Located on 24 Broadway, 2nd Street, Sacred Tattoo has been in the inking business for the past 25 years. Sacred Tattoo is easily one of the more creative tattoo shops in New York City and visitors are sure to find every single tattoo design under the sun under one roof. From bio-organic to realism and New School, Sacred Tattoo will have it for you. Apart from that, the tattoo shop also doubles as an eccentric art gallery which hosts various art exhibitions the whole year around.


  1. Majestic Tattoo

Located at 1086 Broadway, Majestic Tattoo NYC specializes in psychedelic and abstract pieces that are quite similar to the designs one would come up with while stoned. Adal Hernandez is the artist behind the gun here and has been responsible for some of the most tripped out tat designs in New York City. Hernandez started off his career as a tattoo artist in Texas and Chicago before moving to New York, where he has been practicing his trade for the past 15 years. If you want to get a tat from one of the finest inkers in the city, Majestic Tattoo is the place to go.


  1. Kings Avenue

Located at 188 Bowery, New York, Kings Avenue was founded by Mike Rubendall, who is considered as one of the best inkers in New York City. This tattoo shop is known for its unmatched expertise in traditional Japanese style tattoos along with American traditional as well.


  1. Last Rites Tattoo Theatre

If you’re looking for out-there and in-your-face tattoo ideas, then Last Rites Tattoo Theatre is where you will find the tattoo of your dreams. Located at 325 W 38th Street, this tattoo shop is one of the weird ones with skeleton heads and creepy displays right out in front of the shop. Inside, you will find Paul Booth, the resident tattoo artist who has been inking hipsters and members of metal bands for the past 27 years.


  1. Invisible Tattoo

On 148 Orchard Street stand a tattoo parlor by the name of Invisible Tattoo. This is the one tattoo shop where you will get a good vibe and access to loads of talented tattoo artist who will make you feel comfortable while you get inked. With decades of experience under their belt, Invisible Ink should be right on top of your list if you are a first time inker.


If switching your hair color to purple wasn’t drastic enough for you then head on to one of the aforementioned tattoo shops in New York City and get your body inked with some relic prints or Japanese-style tats.

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