6 Best Sushi Places in NYC

When it comes to the Japanese food that New Yorkers love most, nothing comes even close to sushi. This statement can be proven by the fact that you will find a sushi restaurant on every other block in New York City. But, like all things in life, all sushi restaurants are not created equal and vary in quality, freshness and deliciousness. Here we will count down to the top sushi restaurant in the Big Apple.


sushi nyc

credit: Krista


1. 15 East Restaurant

The restaurant, which borrowed its name from the street where it’s located, is an upscale eatery offering great Japanese food at a matching price. Here you will find tasty and authentic Japanese cuisine thanks to a world class sushi connoisseur. 15 East is definitely one of those places where you would want to take someone whom you really want to impress.

15 East Restaurant
15 E 15th St
New York, NY

2. Tomoe

Tomoe is nothing fancy, but walk down any day of the week and chances are you will be met with a line right out the door. The sashimi is the highlight of this restaurant and we can see and taste why. Nowhere in New York City will you find such delicately assembled sashimi that just melts in your mouth, which is reason enough for a visit.

Tomoe Sushi
172 Thompson St
New York, NY 10012

3. Sushi Seki

If you’ve ever had a late night craving for some delicious sushi then you’ve probably heard of Sushi Seki. Located on the East Side, you will find the doors of Sushi Seki open till late at night. Apart from the sushi, one of their most recommended specialties is a salmon served with sautéed tomato.

Sushi Seki
1143 1st Avenue
New York, NY 10065

4. Tanoshi Sushi Sake Bar

The highlight of Tanoshi is that it consists of only 10 seats that happen to be extremely hard to get reservations for as Tanoshi is only the most sought after sushi restaurant in the city. Besides that, there’s also the economic benefit of eating the best tasting sushi in New York City at an affordable price (Just bring your own sake).

Tanoshi Sushi Sake Bar
1372 York Ave
New York, NY 10021

5. Kura

At 130 St. Marks Place in the East Village you will find another chef’s counter, Kura. This restaurant has only seats 13 or so people and is one of New York’s best kept secrets. Good luck finding it though, because this restaurant doesn’t even have a sign board, and by the looks of things, it really doesn’t need one. Kura is booked almost every night of the week, but it’s definitely worth your visit.

130 St Marks Pl,
New York, NY 10009

6. Sushi Dojo

Here you will find a 10-piece omakase for just $45, which is quite a good deal. But, the best part of all is that Sushi Dojo has its own sake expert. And if the sushi isn’t doing it for you, try out the slow poached octopus while you’re there.

Sushi Dojo
110 1st Avenue
New York, NY 10009

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