6 Best Jazz Clubs in NYC

Legend has it that Jazz was the music the devil chilled out to and recommended it to the Big-G at one of the heaven and hell annual parties. Big-G politely accepted it at first but threw it out the window when no one was looking, sending it spiraling down to the world of the living. If the hippin’ and the hoppin’ isn’t your thing, then chances are, jazz is.

jazz club NYC

The music genre stems from New Orleans and is based mainly on rhythm and improvisations. Today, jazz music has become a staple in the U.S. If you’re wondering what are the places to hear some real life jazz tunes then look no further. The following is a list of the best spots for listening to jazz music in New York City.

1. Café Carlyle

Within the premises of the famous Carlyle Hotel, this bar has made a name for itself hosting some of the city’s best jazz musicians. Located at 35 E 76th Street, Café Carlyle is where you will get to see famous personalities such as Woody Allen jamming with the Eddy David New Orleans Band. While this venue is by far the best when it comes to jazz music, spending an evening at the Carlyle will cost you, so better make some plans first.

2. Arthur’s Tavern

Located at 57 Grove St, West Village, Arthur’s Tavern features Sweet Georgia Brown, a saucy blues singer who makes an appearance Thursdays and Fridays. But, visitors can get to listen to some of the best Jazz tunes throughout the week without a cover charge, which is one of the reasons why the bar is able to draw a large crowd every night of the week.

4. The Fifth Estate

The Fifth Estate is your typical hangout, only difference is, you will also find a lot of up and coming Jazz musicians here who come to jam with fellow musicians, making it the place to be for those who enjoy an evening of Jazz music. Located on 506 5th Avenue, Park Slope, The Fifth Estate is where you can chill out to the music of some of the best aspiring Jazz musicians in town at a decent cover charge of just $5. Not a bad deal at all!

village vanguard nyc

credit: Tom Marcello

5. Village Vanguard

Located at 178 7th Avenue Street, Vintage Vanguard offers just what its name suggests. It’s an old school jazz club that oozes with tons of history, making it one of the places where most Jazz musicians aspire to play in. Apart from the legends of Jazz, visitors also get to listen and enjoy the music of the younger generation as well, making it a great hang-out for all Jazz music fans.

iridium jazz club nyc

credit: Tony Fischer

6. The Iridium

Located at 1650 Broadway, between 50th and 51st Street, The Iridium is still considered as one of the best spots to listen to your favorite jazz musicians. Once frequented by the late, great Les Paul, the club has a growing list of young talent along with some of the heavy weights of Jazz such as Ulysses Owens and Jimmy Cobb just to name a few. The steep covers can climb up to around $ 40, the experience at Iridium is priceless.

So, these were the names of just a few spots where Jazz lovers can get to feast their senses and immerse themselves in old school Jazz.

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