6 Best Golf Courses around New York

If you feel like you’ve reached the summit of your laziness and are looking for a way to come across as being athletic, then golf is the perfect game for you. Besides, the sport is easy (all you need to do is flog a ball, which also happens to be backwards for “GOLF.” And you can actually make millions playing at a professional level, if you ever get to master the game).

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But, instead of getting into the aerodynamics of golf balls, holes and Tiger Woods, here we are going to talk about the best golf courses in and around New York City. So, here goes!

  1. Tallgrass Gold Course – Shoreham

This course is a tribute to the Scottish style golf course where businessmen visit to enjoy the picturesque clubhouse, along with its many amenities and celebrate those little failures out on the green. You will find the course to be smooth and fast, and the manageable length makes it a great destination for a quick play or cracking a business deal.

24 Cooper St, Shoreham, NY 11786

  1. Crystal Springs – New Jersey

Here you will get to enjoy the best in golf architecture, which also happens to put the destination right at the top of the list for experiencing some great golf. Players get to choose from up to seven courses all of which offer their own style, from the swinging ‘70s to the Scott-inspired Ballyowen. You will definitely get a different experience at each course here.

Crystal Springs Resort, Sussex County, NJ

  1. Winged Foot Golf Club – Mamaroneck

When it comes to great golf courses in New York, this golf course is absolute gold. Designed by the great A. W. Tillinghast, it’s no wonder that the PGA Tour is held here. The amazing golf course has also played host to a number of championship tours as well and is well known for bringing golfers to their knees thanks to the long and complicated holes with extremely narrow fairways and extremely thick rough. Not to mention the bunkers that protect the greens which demand some serious skill from the player.

851 Fenimore Rd, Mamaroneck, NY 10543

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  1. Bayonne Golf Club – New Jersey

This links-style is tricky to say the least and offers lots of opportunities for failure. Featuring a combo of marsh land and tall grass, the Bayonne Golf Club is a membership only course, so don’t let the New Jersey address fool you.

1 Lefante Way, Bayonne, NJ 07002

  1. The Saint Andrew’s Golf Club – Hastings-on-Hudson

If you’re looking to smell some rich heritage while playing golf in New York then take the trip down to St. Andrew’s Golf Club, which happens to be not only the oldest existing private clubs in the country, but also offers a unique feature you won’t find anyplace else (in New York) Tee times aren’t required to play the course (whatever that means!).

10 Old Jackson Ave, Ardsley, NY 10502

  1. Piping Rock Club – Locust Valley

This course if located less than an hour from New York City and is known as the club of American royalty (Cole Porter played here!). The course is large enough for you to enjoy as a single, just don’t miss the driving range.

150 Piping Rock Rd, Locust Valley, NY 11560


So, who knew there was such a lot of golf around New York City? If you want to rent a car to carry you and your golf clubs to the nearest golf course, contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.


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