6 Best Food Trucks in New York City

It is no wonder that people love eating out of a food truck. The beauty of food trucks is that it combines the deliciousness of a nicely cooked meal with the unmatched ambiance of an empty parking lot, or a lively sidewalk. But, as with most things in life, all food trucks were not created equal. We will find out more about the food trucks that make rounds through New York City here.

pizza truck nyc

by edibleNY


  1. Eddie’s Pizza Truck

New York City is the one place where you will find a pizzeria on just about every street. But this Long Island pizzeria on wheels has built itself a reputation of baking one of the best bar pies in town that are so delicious you could easily polish clean one off and still have room for another. Offering 10 and 16-inch crust pies, The Eddie’s Pizza Truck can be spotted at New York’s financial district, feeding the masses during lunch time.

  1. Tacos Morelos

Well, you saw this one coming. Fourth in line when it comes to food for New Yorkers, right after hot dogs, beer and pizza, Tacos Morelos serves some of the most delicious breaded chicken tortas or steak burritos in town. When it comes to late night snacks, you won’t find a better, cheaper and tastier option. The best part is that Tacos Morelos are known to serve generous portions, so you’ll probably have breakfast waiting for you when you wake up the next day. And if you can’t find this diner on wheels, then just visit its brick and mortar equivalent at East Village.

  1. Bian Dang

Bian Dang just celebrated its sixth anniversary. This food truck offers a Taiwanese menu which goes beyond the regular Chinese sausage or Zong-zi, although the Chinese sausage is one of the highlights of the restaurant. While you’re there also look for hard boiled eggs which have been infused with flavors from tea leaves and plates of delicious friend chicken over rice.

food truck nyc

by paPisc


  1. Souvlaki GR

The two-time Vendy winner can be found elevating red meat to new heights with its healthy fast food options paired up nicely with even healthier vegetarian specials. This is without a doubt one of the healthier options when it comes to street food. The charcoal grilled meat nicely wrapped in pita is great for an afternoon meal.

Wafels and Dinges


  1. Wafels and Dinges

This popular food truck literally smothers their wafels with an addictive substance called spekuloos, which is something similar to cookie butter. This food truck is also now represented by its own brick and mortar location, but it’s not quite the same as having to order from a truck window.

  1. Korilla BBQ

You can spice up your meal by ordering from the Korilla BBQ truck, which has a whole fleet of trucks spread around New York City. Here you will get to order some amazing Kimchi and Bulgogi along with a variety of hot sauces. The port, tofu and veggie options on the menu are also worth the try once you’re at this mobile grill.
Making up the cheap eating scene, food trucks have now become a regular staple on the roads of New York City. These venues offer the public budget friendly meals that don’t compromise on the tasty.

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