5 Worst Apartment Listings in NYC

Don’t get me wrong, New York City is a great place to live if you’re earning 60K a year, but for those of you who aren’t, the city will not leave you out in the dark. You will however, have to deal with the little troubles, such as a leaking roof, a lack of heat, and vermin. Celebrating New York’s shittiest rooms, here is a list of the best of the worst apartment listings which has been compiled by worstroom.com. The rooms featured on the blog all range from $300 to $900, so are they worth it? You decide!

worst NYC apartment1

credit: worstroom.com

Lefferts Gardens, Brooklyn. Two bunks$500 and $600 per month. Electricity included.


worst NYC apartment2

credit: worstroom.com

Come on! It’s not that bad…for $800 of your hard earned money.

worst NYC apartment3

credit: worstroom.com

Think of the most frightening “Wrong Turn” movie you’ve seen. Now, think about that times 10 and you get this champ for $300 per month. Oh yeah! Enter at your own risk (for reals!).


worst NYC apartment4

credit: worstroom.com

Well…I always needed a pole in my bedroom! This 1-room apartment went for $475 with pole (stripper not included).

worst NYC apartment5

credit: worstroom.com

If this room ($900) looks more like a closet, that’s because it is!

“Moving”. The very word sends chills down people’s spine. If you’re lucky (enough), you won’t find yourself in any of the above.

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