5 Things to do in Central Park in April 2015

There’s a lot of hype surrounding Central Park, and rightly so. The Park is truly an amazing place to visit and is the perfect place to rake a stroll through, simply because of the beautiful scenery. There’s always something going on throughout the park which makes it a great place to visit alone, or with family and friends. Here we are going to look at some of the things one can do at Central Park in the month of April.

central park nyc spring

credit: Ralph Hockens

 1.    Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack and the Beanstalk is one of the most beloved of classic fairytales. Visitors can experience this exciting Swedish Cottage Production which depicts Jack and his adventures with the magical beanstalk while battling Milford, the giant. Ticket prices range from $7 for kids and go up to $10 for adults, so grab them right away if you happen to be in New York and find out how Jack puts to end his misfortunes with the bean stalk and the giant.


2.    Concern Spring Run

For all those who don’t know, Concern Worldwide US is an international humanitarian organization which operates in 27 different countries. The organization works with some of the poorest nations in the world to help eradicate poverty and health care issues, and the 4-mile run across Central Park is one of the ways in which they do it.

If you’re visiting New York City in April, chances are Concern Worldwide US will be looking for volunteer runners and walkers who will take part in the event. The run is for a good cause and all the proceeds go to support Concern Worldwide US in their emergency response, healthcare (HIV/AIDS), education and livelihood programs in third world countries. Take part in the Concern Spring Run as an individual for $35, or as part of a team for $25 and do your part in a noble cause, while having an unforgettable experience.


3.    Free Roller Skating to Live DJ Music Offered by the CPDSA

The Central Park Dance Skaters Association or CPDSA organizes free roller skating sessions at Central Park by collaborating with city agencies, the police department, the Central Park Conservancy and other park departments. By doing so it is able to obtain all the necessary permits so that the event is safe, secure and more importantly, sanctioned.

This year the free roller skating event will take place at the Skate Circle on Saturdays and Sundays between April 11th to October 25th. And while the event itself is free, you might want to bring your own skates along with you. Also, don’t forget to check the CPDSA website for a daily schedule before you make the trip.

carriage ride in central park

credit: Mark Crawley

4.    Horse and Carriage Tour

Horse drawn carriages are one of the best ways of experiencing Central Park in all its magnificence. There’s nothing quite like an open carriage ride through the park while enjoying a relaxing evening with your family, friends or a loved one. The tickets also include a flexible voucher redemption policy which means that you have up to three days to take the tour. The horse and carriage tour through Central Park is the perfect way to meander through the beautiful pathways of New York City’s most famous recreational area.  Walk-up rides without having any reservations will cost you $50 for 20 minutes, while an extra $20 will get you another 10 minutes of taking in the scenic beauty of New York City’s Central Park.


5.    The Hidden Secrets of Central Park Walking Tour

The magnificent Central Park covers 843 acres, and it’s so big that you could actually get lost in it. The Hidden Secrets of Central Park Tour takes you through a guided path and unveils some of the park’s hidden beauty New Yorkers so often take for granted. The guided tours also provide an opportunity for tourists and New Yorkers alike to learn about some of the history of the historic park. All tours are offered daily and last for up to 3 hours. The starting point for all tours is the main entrance of the park which is West & W. 96th Street.

So, there you have it, the five things you can do in Central Park during April of 2015. Enjoy!

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