5 First Date Ideas in NYC

What is the perfect location for a first date? Some people prefer an original outdoor activity such as biking at central park, while other would prefer an intimate bar. Whether the first date is going to be your last or the beginning of a long-lasting loving relationship, if you won’t enjoy the company as much as you hoped, at least you should enjoy the food and the atmosphere. With that in mind, here a here are our best picks for first date venues in NYC.

first date nyc


  1. Have a romantic toast at Buvette

Buvette is a charming and intimate French bar and restaurant which makes a great choice for going out on a first date. The venue is a great spot for a quiet but fun breakfast or lunch and has a lively, cozy and romantic dinner scene. What makes this particular venue extra special is that the restaurant is artfully curated, with some well-executed dishes on the menu.

42 Grove St.
New York, NY 10014

  1. Cozy up at Cotenna

Tucked away in a West Village block is Cotenna, a great venue for a first date and prosciutto-wrapped warm mozzarella. The venue offers some great dishes and is perfect for an intimate date. Molto Buono!

21 Bedford St.
New York, NY 10014

romantic date nyc


  1. Beef up at Takashi

If money is not an option, then you can head on down to Takashi, which is a hot spot for beef at West Village. Takashi makes for an interesting evening, whether you’re seated at the chef’s counter or on one of the many comfy tables, visitors get to have an intimate experience with what they have ordered thanks to the interactive dining experience created by chef Takashi Inoue’s build in grills. The venue alone is sure to be a great ice breaker and give you plenty to talk about. The only caveat though is that space is tight so you might want to head out as soon as you’re done eating.

456 Hudson St.
New York, NY 10014


  1. Create a Great First Impression at Gramercy Tavern

Try out the warm and welcoming Gramercy Tavern if you want to impress your date with this impeccably polished dining room, while you tackle a multi-course dining affair. From duck liver mousse with pickled veggies to red snapper with bok choy and sweet potatoes dipped in peanut curry sauce, you’ll get to taste it all here.

Gramercy Tavern 42 E 20th St.
New York, NY 10003



  1. Admire the View with Honorable William Wall

Who says first dates are exclusive to dining at nice restaurants? You can easily try out something out of the ordinary and give a twist to your first date by going on the floating clubhouse of the Manhattan Yacht Club that’s anchored at New York harbor, north of Ellis Island. With beautiful, close-up views of the Statue of Liberty with the New York City skyline at the backdrop, this makes for a great venue for your first date. The upper deck has a full bar in case you were wondering, and you are free to bring snacks or food onboard.

The Honorable William Wall


There is a multitude of things one can do on a first date in New York City, and it’s just impossible to include all of them in a single post. But, these were some of our favorite places to go out on a first date.

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