5 Best Street Foods in NYC

“Food” — just the thought of it brings water to your mouth. The truth is that every last one of us will always answer the call for some sort of comfort food. The kind of food which brings back memories from the past, like your childhood, or the time you realized what your go-to comfort food was. When it comes to great cheap food options, New York street-food vendors are able to win the hearts and minds of customers even without the flashy marketing of their richer counterparts. So, keeping that in mind, here are the top street foods of New York.



by hu:User:Totya – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

1. King of Falafel and Shawarma

While falafel and shawarma are a common sight on the streets of New York, but you will easily spot the king by the endless line of people waiting to get their hands on the falafel, shawarma and rice. If you’re in Midtown Manhattan, don’t forget to try out the meaty plate of chicken, basmati rice and kefta.

2. Milk Truck

Bessie’s food truck is always a welcome sight for hungry New Yorkers during lunch hour. Feel like having a turkey chili or a mac and cheese? Then the sunshine yellow truck is where you should be. Apart from that, Bessie is also known for their frilled cheese sandwich, which is available in three different variations. Since Bessie’s food truck is never in one place, you can find its location online.


nyc lobster roll

by dennis crowley

3. Big Red, Red Hook Lobster Pound food truck

Big Red, Red Hook Lobster Pound’s food truck on wheels serves one of the most delicious lobster rolls in NYC. The rolls you can get here come in Connecticut-style and Maine-style, and are served with lemon and butter.

4. Lumpia Shack

Even though the Lumpia Shack has upgraded their shack with a more permanent brick and mortar location, the one at Brooklyn’s Smorgasburg is still operational. Each roll is topped with ground pork, truffled adobo mushrooms and roasted duck, before being hand rolled and deep fried. If you want to get your hands on this restaurant-quality feast, then you’d better reach there before 11 am.

nyc hotdogs

by medea_material

 5. Dirty Water Dogs

New York’s most iconic street food; the dirty water dog can be found on almost every street corner. The dirty water dog is named after the warm and salty water that it’s soaked in. The hot frank is served in a delicious bun that’s topped off with mustard, onions and ketchup.


halal cart new york city

by Scott McLeod

Bottom Line

Apart from the hot dog vendors and Halal Carts, New York streets are also occupied by many mobile eateries that offer foods which are nothing less than those on the menus of Michelin starred restaurants in New York City.


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