5 Best Sneakers Stores in New York

If you want to look cool then adding a pair of sneakers will surely help freshen up your look. Whether you are looking for a trending styles or sturdy kicks, the following lines are going to be all about where you can get the kicks in New York City.

sneakers store nyc

by Mighty June


  1. Fight Club

Fight Club basically caters to all of the collectors out there, the kind of people who love to own a pair of vintage or limited edition sneakers. But, this store also caters to those who want to buy new sneakers as well. They have an enormous sneaker wall in their store that’s absolutely packed with both old and vintage pairs so you shouldn’t have a hard time in finding one that suits you.

Fight Club
812 Broadway
New York, NY 10003

sneakers nyc

by Ana Raquel S. Hernandes


  1. Rime

In Brooklyn you will find Rime has been in business for more than 30 years, but just under a different name. On the racks you can expect to find an extensive collection of footwear. The stock here is primarily geared towards men, but features quite a few solid items for the ladies too, making it a must visit while you’re in New York.

157 Smith St, Brooklyn
NY 11201

  1. Premiumgoods

Premiumgoods is where you will find the best collection of collectable kicks from many of the top brands such as Nike, Vans, Adidas and so on. Premium Goods is one of those places where both hipster teenagers (and their dads) will easily find the kicks that suits their taste.

347 5th Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11215

  1. Atmos

Although Atmos is originally based in Japan, they opened their first US store in Harlem, and we’re thankful for that because this store has one of the craziest selections of sneakers you will find in New York City. Atmos is known for stocking up big brands such as Timberlands, Adidas and Nike, all super curated in a boutique-style display store. Whether you want to wear them or just display with the rest of your collectables, Atmos is the place to go for the ‘need-it-now’ customer.

203 W 125th St.
New York, NY 10027

  1. Sneaker Pawn USA

As the name implies, Sneaker Pawn USA is a pawn shop for kicks. But, before that turns you off, wait till you see the impressive collection of sneakers at this place. Sneaker Pawn USA has a collection that will make your jaws drop. From the Kobes to Kevin Durante and LeBrons to Shaq Attacks, and much of the new stuff too, Sneaker Pawn Shop is the place to visit. Customers can even get a loan based on their collection of sneakers at home, although one of the staff members from Sneaker Pawn USA will have to visit your place to have a look at your collection.

Sneaker Pawn USA
200 Malcolm X Blvd.
New York, NY 10027

Ending Note

If you’re looking to get your feet into the comfy insides of a pair of cool looking sneakers then pay one of these sneaker stores a visit the next time you’re in New York City.


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