5 Best Record Stores in NYC

We all love music. Any type of music, as long as it either has a sick beat or a groovy tune. Before music lovers turned online to get their daily music fix, the record store at the corner of the street was the option of choice and had value which was simply irreplaceable. While most people prefer to buy their favorite music online or just download it without permission, there are still those who are loyal to the ol’ brick and mortar record store, and this post is just for them. Here, we are going to talk about the top record stores in the city of New York.



  1. Academy Records & CDs

At 2 W 18th Street stands Academy Records & CDs, a veritable haven for music lovers of all genres. The record store has been selling LPs and CDs for over forty years and is the place to visit if you are looking for the best in rock or jazz. Academy Records specializes in vinyl records that are reasonably priced, making it a great place to pass a balmy afternoon, or just pop in for a quick visit to dig some crates and find yourself some long lost gems.

  1. Black Gold Records

Black Gold Records is located on 461 Court Street, and stays true to its name, because it’s just amazing how this quaint store manages to sell records, antiques and coffee too for those who need to take a break from finding those gems that have slipped under the radar. The record store deals exclusively in vinyl records and especially towards the hard stuff. You can even expect to find records of your favorite rock and punk bands at this place.

  1. Co-op 87 Records & Tapes

Located at 87 Guernsey Street, Brooklyn, 11222, this record store will make you feel right at home with its comfortable and welcoming décor and a collection of hard to find records from almost all the music genres. Visiting this record store will make you realize just why buying records online will never take the place of in person browsing in a brick and mortar record store. Along with the new, you will also find the old here, so make sure to give Co-op 87 Records & Tapes a visit if you’re in New York.

  1. Other Music

When you think about “other music”, what comes to mind? Well, the stuff you’ll find here at Other Music. This music store has been a favorite amongst music lovers since the mid 90s and its popularity hasn’t slowed down since. Other Music is well curated, with a large collection of the kind of music which often times slips through the cracks, but can definitely be mistaken for some one hit wonder. As a bonus, this music store also throws in the occasional in-store performance every once in a while, so you never know your luck. The store is located at 15 E 4th Street and is the one of those places in New York City where the little guns thrive.

  1. Record Grouch

With a name like that, you might expect to be greeted with a snare or a growl. It’s actually the opposite. Record Grouch has one of the best record collections in the city of New York. This formidable record store has stacks of CDs and LPs which range from old-school jazz to the more current heavy metal and just about everything in between. So, you should feel right at home at Record Grouch.


Whether you are trying to build a collection of records or you just want to find a gem your dad used to play when you were a kid, New York City has a host of options when it comes to cool record stores.

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