5 Best NY Street Style Blogs

Back in the day, blogs were used as a sort of online diary where people shared their thoughts about themselves, the state of urban society and conspiracy theories such as the Roswell UFO incident. With time, they soon shape-shifted into multiple styles and certain patterns emerged to make it easy to spot a popular blogger online. Nowadays, street style blogs are something of phenomena and they have taken the world of blogging by storm, especially on stylish cities such as New York, where walking the streets often seem like watching a runway show. So, here are the best NY street style blogs, which definitely deserves a bookmark of their own.

  1. Where Did U Get That

Where Did U Get That belongs to blogger Karen Blanchard and is arguably one of the best street style blogs out there. Blanchard, who is originally a British photographer from London, has been able to capture street culture in New York City since the mid 90s, brings loads of panache while capturing New York’s famous street style scene.

wheredidugetthat.com nyc

source: http://wheredidugetthat.com/


  1. Face Hunter

Popular fashion photographer, author and fashion blogger, Yvan Rodic is the man behind Face Hunter – a blog dedicated to the street fashion trends of over 30 cities around the world, New York being one of them. Rodic, better known as Face Hunter by his fans, documents a range of street styles of some of the most established fashion capitals of the world and offers some unsuspected gems every fashion conscious individual would definitely appreciate.


source: facehunter.org

  1. Tommy Ton

Tommy Ton has been the resident NY street style savant who has his eye on style constantly. A regular guest as Style.com, Ton is the man you need to follow when it comes to the best in men’s wear shows and the New York City street style scene. The Canadian-born fashion photographer is also famous for his blog Jak & Jil and his street style coverage on popular fashion websites such as GQ.com.


  1. Le21eme

According to the site’s About page, Le21eme is not your average street style blog. The man behind this street fashion blog is photographer Adam Katz Sinding who offers a photo journalistic view of the street fashion trends of some of the major fashion hot spots of the world. Get ready to find some high quality and amazing photography that captures New York’s street fashion at its best.


le21eme.com - nyc

source: http://le21eme.com/

  1. Street Pepper

Phil Oh is considered one of the most influential street style photographers and bloggers not only in New York City, but also in some of the world’s top fashion hot spots like London, Sydney, Paris and Milan. Thanks to many contributors over the years, Street Pepper has managed to maintain its relevance while competing with many other street style blogs which lack the trashy, but captivating quality of Phil Oh’s fashion photography.





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