5 Best Gay Bars in NYC

Contrary to popular belief, gay bars have been around for longer than most people have expected. In New York City, the gay nightlife is vivid, and at times overwhelming. One can even choose from the many variations that make up the gay bar scene in NYC. But, one thing is certain – a visit to a gay bar in New York City offers an experience like no other, and will certainly be one that you will remember for a long time to come.

pride parade nyc

by istolethetv

 If you happen live in or visit New York City and are looking for a young thespian-looking gentleman to fill up the void that Johnny left in his wake, these are the places where you are bound to find a tall, muscular fellow who could perform the role quite satisfactorily. So, for Pride Month, these are the gay bars of New York which provide lots of nooks for snogging.

1. Boots & Saddles

If you’re a wannabe cowboy, Boots & Saddles on 76 Christopher Street is the place to be. This extremely loud bar comes complete with swinging wooden saloon doors and features a terrace, shows by go-go dancers, and even a cruising area. While this bar attracts the older crowd, the friendly staff and the weekday happy hour merit at least one visit.

2. Eagle

Eagle is basically a fetish bar which, by the looks of it, has all of its priorities in perfect order. The bar carries an air of an intense hook-up vibe and caters to all kinks, from foot worship parties to leather nights. If you are less of the adventurous type, look away because this is one gay bar where the hip and young attractives come prepared to boogie.

3. Boxers NYC

At 37 West 20th Street, you will find Boxers NYC – a gay sports bar. With two levels of hip décor and enticement, the bar features pool tables, handsome waiters, beer on tap, plasma screens and a full bar. Did we mention handsome waiters? This is the place to be if you are a sports fan and don’t mind mingling while you’re enjoying your favorite sports game. Chill out around the pool table or make yourself comfortable the outdoor space while you’re there.

4. Cubbyhole

Cubbyhole is a gay / lesbo bar on 281 W, 12th Street. Cubbyhole offers a cozy hangout after a long day. But, don’t let that fool you. The bar also happens to be a real fun place with hundreds of props hanging from the ceiling. This bar has the distinction of being one of the best gay and lesbian bars in New York City. So, that in itself warrants a visit; wouldn’t you agree?

5. Eastern Bloc

The Soviet Union lives on…sort of, in this modest bar located at 505 E 6th St. While this bar is a dying breed (unfortunately!), it does provide a good place for release after a rough day. The drinks are good and priced similar to any other gay joint in town, and the space draws in a good fun crowd too. Enjoy some good drinks, cute go-go dancers, and some good music too in this gay dive bar with a wicked sense of humor.

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